• Jupiter


    • The length of a year on Jupiter is 11.9 earth years.

    • The length of a day on Jupiter is about 10 hours.

    • Since it is so far from the Sun, the temperature on Jupiter averages -162℉ (-108℃).

    • Jupiter has 67 confirmed and named satellites. However, it is estimated that the planet has over 200 natural satellites orbiting it. Almost all of them are less than 10 kilometers in diameter and were only discovered after 1975, when the first spacecraft (Pioneer 10) arrived at Jupiter.

    • Jupiter is massive; it is the largest celestial body in our solar system other than the sun. It is so large in fact, that if you combined all the planets together, Jupiter would still be 2.5 times more massive.

    • A 100-pound person would weigh 253 pounds on Jupiter.

    • The Great Red Spot on Jupiter is one of its most familiar features. This persistent anticyclonic storm, which is located south of its equator, measures between 24,000 km in diameter and 12–14,000 km in height. As such, it is large enough to contain two or three planets the size of Earth’s diameter. And the spot has been around for at least 350 years since it was spotted as far back as the 17th century.