Falmouth School Committee Goals 2021-2022

  • Goal #1:  Develop and implement a multi-year communication strategy.

    Members of the Falmouth School Committee will engage in two-way communication with stakeholders to better deliver information as well as to actively listen and solicit feedback. Communication will be approached with an equity focus to ensure all voices have the opportunity to be heard.

    The school committee acknowledges that we can actively listen to staff concerns and act as a bridge to help build better communication between the staff and the administration. However, we walk the line between listening and what we actually have the power to do. 

    Measures of Success:

    • Communication sent directly to staff, via email, on a quarterly basis.
    • Monthly (or as needed) small group meetings, coffee hours, or individual appointments with staff upon request throughout the year.
    • Utilize student government, Schoology, and/or email to solidify student engagement.
    • Summary of meeting minutes posted on the District’s Facebook page within 2-days of meeting. As able, the summary will be translated to ensure access. 

    Goal #2: Falmouth School Committee will solidify its efforts to build a foundation of knowledge and understanding around equity, access, inclusion, diversity, and systemic racism. 

    Measures of Success:

    • Clear understanding and definition of terms.
    • Exploration of educational resources.
    • Quarterly updates on the committee’s work on goal #2.
    • Facilitate discussion with a consultant and school committee members.
    • Collaborate relationship with the DEI officer.
    • Action steps related to the Land Acknowledgement identified by December 2021.

    Goal #3: The Falmouth School Committee will support the superintendent’s efforts to keep schools safe and open.  

    Measures of Success:

    • Community, staff, students, and families receiving ongoing communication related to COVID-19 protocols and procedures.
    • Invite health and safety experts to school committee meetings as necessary.
    • ESSER funding utilized to support the increased needs or learning gaps due to COVID-19.

    While the work to successfully complete our goals is the responsibility of the entire committee, key members will serve as leads for accountability and reporting.

    Goal #1:  Natalie Kanellopoulos, Terri Medeiros, and Melissa Keefe.  Social Media:  Lisa Hart.  Goal #2:  Kelly Welch, Andrea Thorrold, and Leah Palmer. Goal #3:  Bill Rider and Bill Dorfner.

    Approved on September 14, 2021

Last Modified on November 5, 2021