Chromebook Camera Issues

  • Issues related to Zoom Meetings - Please check Issues with Extensions Help Document First

    Use the "Search" key (located on the left side that resembles a magnifier).

    Type “Camera” in the search field.

    If you do not see a “Camera” icon, then it is most likely a hardware issue.

    If a Camera does show, select the camera to test it. If you see an image, the problem lies somewhere else.

    Using  Zoom, the application is configured to “talk” to the hardware (speaker, microphone, and webcam). If one or more of the devices are not working, Zoom places a red flag on the device hardware. This device will need to be returned for repair or replacement. You should select the red-flagged item so that Zoom will make an effort to connect to it.

    This is an image of the “Search” that returns when the camera is detected.

    Camera search dialog window