Student Account Login Formats

  • Google Apps

    Username:   fullfirstname.fulllastname.2digitYOG (ex: john.williams.24)

    Password:   first and last initials and 6 digit student ID#  (ex: jw001234)

    If using a device other than a school-issued Chromebook OR using a generic Gmail sign-in button, please add the to the username.

    If your student is in grades K-2, you should have received a QR code “badge” on an index card. Otherwise, you can use the above information.


    Username:  student ID# with no leading zeros  (ex: 1234)

    Password:  birthdate with no leading zeros or slashes  (ex: March 5, 2005 would be 352005 - Not 03052005)


    Google Classroom

    For grades 3-12: after you are logged into your google account and have launched the Chrome browser, you can find the Google Classroom App in the waffle icon Google Apps Icon  next to the students account icon on the top right. 

    Your teacher will send you a class code to add that class.