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FPS Reopening Plan Summary


    Breakfast & Lunch

    Most students will be eating pre-prepared meals in their classrooms. Grab & Go meals will continue to be available to students taking online classes.  Grab & Go meals will
    continue to be available to students taking online classes, schedules are available at https://www.falmouth.k12.ma.us/Page/756

    Hydration/Use of Water Fountains

    Due to the risk of spreading germs, students should bring their own bottled water to school each day. Water fountains will be shut off, however, water filler stations will remain open.

    Physical Distancing

    All students and staff must adhere to physical distancing guidelines at all times.

    Face Coverings

    All PreK-12 students and staff are required to wear a multi-layer face mask anytime they are in the school or on a school bus.

    Communal Spaces/Hallway Congestion/Locker Use

    To reduce the chance of spreading germs, we will avoid large-group settings. Hallway traffic patterns will be modified, and lockers will not be used.

    Handwashing/Hand Sanitizer Stations

    We will rigorously promote proper handwashing techniques and using hand sanitizing stations located throughout the schools.

    Health Assessments

    All students should be assessed for any signs of COVID-19 before leaving home – every day. All symptomatic individuals, even those with mild symptoms, should be tested. If an individual does not wish to be tested, they should isolate for 14 days and until asymptomatic without the use of fever reducing medications. Call your child's school to report the reason for absence.

    Shared Supplies and Equipment

    Schools will refrain from using shared supplies and/or equipment. Where it can’t be avoided, the items will be disinfected between uses.

    Playgrounds and Recess

    We will promote being outdoors whenever possible. Outdoor classroom opportunities, PE class, and mask breaks will be available to classes. Playgrounds will be closed, at least in the beginning of the school year.

    Volunteers and Visitors

    In-school volunteer programs have been suspended, however, our volunteers will stay connected to students through virtual meetings. Visitors will be met outside.


    High-touch surfaces will be cleaned regularly throughout the day, and other areas will be thoroughly cleaned using germ-prohibiting products.


    Students will be seated one student per bench, alternating sides for each row. All staff and students on the bus, regardless of age, are required to wear masks at all times. Buses will be sanitized after each route.


    The District will follow guidelines provided by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, the town Public Health agent, and the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association. We expect more guidance on the state’s plans for schools’ athletic programs in the coming weeks.


    With rapidly changing guidance from state and local officials, this information is subject to change. The District will maintain the most current information, including a list of frequently-asked questions, on our website located at www.falmouth.k12.ma.us/faq

    Questions can also be directed to Falmouth Public Schools Administrative Office, by calling 508-548-0151 or emailing info@falmouth.k12.ma.us