Health and Safety

  • Q1. Could you please tell how different the school setting will look when students return to in-person learning?

  • Q2. Many parents say they want their kids to go back for social/emotional reasons. Do they realize that kids will not have the social opportunities that they used to. Do they understand the stress this will put on their children? That there will be strict repercussions for not wearing their masks?

  • Q3. What are you going to do about parents/guardians who have to work full time to provide for these kids?

  • Q4. Given the fact that the elementary schools may go virtual at some point, and not all parents can work from home full time, is it possible to request that two students be in the same class if our families will join together to care/educate the students?

  • Q5. Are teachers expected to disinfect rooms or will there be additional staff to handle the higher level needed?

  • Q6. Will the elementary or any of the schools have plexiglass partitions on the desks or at tables?

  • Q7. What are the realistic expectations around hiring additional staff - custodial and otherwise? Have any extra staff actually been hired?

  • Q8. Will parents/guardians and children be able to tour their classrooms ahead of the start of school to understand what their daily environment and routines will look like?

  • Q9. Movement during the day is so important for especially our early elementary students. I know that desks are being used to help students socially distance. Will students have any other areas within the classroom such as sitting on the floor or play centers?

  • Q10. Is there going to be a limit to the amount of kids that are going to be allowed to be in the school at once?

  • Q11. How will the school enforce social distancing?

  • Q12. What should students do if someone is making them feel uncomfortable due to lack of social distancing?

  • Q13. Have you considered teaming up with the Broad Institute to get access to rapid PCR tests?

  • Q14. All buildings have places that aren't well heated or cooled by the central HVAC systems. Will the school district supplement those areas with additional filtration or ventilation?

  • Q15. Will cleaning supplies be available for students if they want to wipe down their own desks? How is the school going to accommodate varying risk tolerances?

  • Q16. What is the plan for quarantine when a student or staff member is positive or exposed?

  • Q17. Will you provide testing at school?

  • Q18. If a teacher who is with my child all day tests positive for covid-19 will I be notified?

  • Q19. Many kids are scared of the virus - worried about getting sick or parents getting sick. Adding the stress of school not being the place that they are familiar with may not be good for kids (and adults) with high levels of anxiety.

  • Q20. What is the protocol for handling exposure? Will entire cohorts be quarantined? If a student needs to be quarantined for 14 days, will they still be responsible for remote learning during that time? If a teacher needs to be quarantined for 14 days, will they still be responsible for teaching during that time?

  • Q21. What is the district's and DESE's process for adapting to new scientific studies about COVID-19 as they come out during the school year?

  • Q22. How is the school monitoring children who are traveling and is there a policy upon returning?

  • Q23. Will staff be supplied with PPE or do we provide our own? Will we receive a list of items we need and the specifics of those items?

  • Q24. What will the procedure be for if a student, teacher, bus companion or bus driver tests positive for the children that have been in contact with?

  • Q25. If a teacher needs to be out because of illness, is there a plan in place for a long term substitute teacher and will that teacher teach synchronous learning to the kids at home?

  • Q26. A teacher in Arizona was 61 years old and passed away from COVID that she contracted while teaching. The superintendent of that district said that the teachers followed all recommended guidance and were wearing PPE when they contracted covid. The superintendent also stated he does not believe that students and teachers can safely go back to school. Why do we believe that our district is in a better position to send our teachers and students back safely?

  • Q27. Will temperatures be checked upon entering the building?

  • Q28. We all know that parents send their children to school when they have illnesses during normal times. How will the school district support parents and families who have to make a choice between a paycheck (going to work) and the health of the community?

  • Q29. Will FPS be hiring professionals to take care of contact tracing?

  • Q30. Can you please share the study that shows 10 and up can transmit the virus?

  • Q31. If a child shows cold or flu like symptoms, will they have to quarantine or provide a negative COVID-19 test?

  • Q32. How will the district educate students about COVID-19?

  • Q33. What metrics will be used to decide if and when to change from in person or hybrid model to the remote model only?

  • Q34. As a parent I am starting to stock up on facemasks for the school year, will the Lawrence school have a requirement for face masks to follow dress code? solids only?

  • Q35. What does the hybrid-in person model look like for a Lawrance 8th grade on a weekly basis. Do we know how many days are in-person and are in-person services at regular times?

  • Q36. For the elementary remote students, will they be in the classrooms but virtually? or is there a different teacher for remote students?

  • Q37. Please explain how the high school classes will work? Will half of a class be at home and half at school? Will the at home piece be in real time?

Physical Distancing, Masks & Face Coverings

  • Q1. If the minimum guideline is 3 feet with masks, why are we solving for 6 feet?

  • Q2. Are desks spaced 3-6 feet apart or chairs?

  • Q3. Why is the CDC guideline for 6 feet of separation indoors, while DESE’s version is 3 feet?

  • Q4. For in person learning will teachers be able to help students with their learning at a distance closer than 6 feet.

  • Q5. If my son who will be in kindergarten has to wear glasses is he required to wear a mask also? Having both on his face is very difficult.

  • Q6. Besides the potential for outdoor classrooms, please speak to mask break opportunities.

  • Q7. Will children who are medically unable to wear a mask be able to attend school or will they be forced to do remote learning?

  • Q8. What happens to children who cannot wear a mask due to health conditions and cannot receive a note from a doc due to a doctor not wanting liability?

  • Q9. I understand that the youngest students aren’t required to wear masks. Why not? My 5-year-old has been wearing one successfully all day at camp.

  • Q10. What will the mask requirements be?

  • Q11. Are any types of masks acceptable for the students?

  • Q12. Can you please provide proof that states you are legally allowed to require a note from a doctor that states a student can't wear a mask? DESE guidelines list an exemption for any "health or safety reason" and that is up to the parent to manage their children's health.

  • Q13. Will teachers be able to take mask breaks with kids or have time to show their faces to kids?

Class & Cohort Size

  • Q1. Will we be able to get more specific information to each school? I’m specifically interested in cohort size.

  • Q2. How many kids per class at Morse Pond?

  • Q3. What will the class sizes be?

Teaching and Learning

  • Q1 What proportion of teachers are adopting these new methods? What new approaches are the elementary teachers taking?

  • Q2. Have there been discussions about moving classes outside when the weather is still nice in the fall?

  • Q3. Will teachers be remote from their homes or school?

  • Q4. What are working families expected to do if the child cannot get plugged into the classroom when they are home to either quarantine or when in hybrid model?

  • Q5. Student Question: Caroline Grade 6: Will there be more review work again or will we be moving forward and learning new things?

  • Q6. Can you explain what the curriculum might look like for kindergarten classrooms with social distancing?

  • Q7. Acknowledging that every class/cohort will vary, are there general expectations/guidelines for daily time spent on synchronous vs. asynchronous if elementary schools go to hybrid or remote modes?

  • Q8. What will the pre-K program look like as far as masks, socialization, and learning “stations”?

  • Q9. Why aren’t MP, LAW, and FHS working together to develop a hybrid model that is the same across all three buildings?

  • Q10. What will the public Pre-K look like? The original program always included centers that the children would rotate through…how does social distancing work within classrooms at the age level of 3-5 years old?

  • Q11. How will teaching be delivered if a teacher/classroom is quarantined?

  • Q12. If elementary students switch between in-person learning and remote learning, would they switch teachers? I know the plan specified that kids on 100% remote learning would have a dedicated teacher.

  • Q13. How are you supporting the teachers and accommodating for the dual natures of schooling (in person and remote) expected this fall?

Student Supports

  • Q1. What about the children who were tested and confirmed to get on IEPs and programs for the fall and haven't received any communication?

  • Q2. My son is a student on a 504 at the high school. Does he have the option to attend full time?

  • Q3. Some classrooms have SPED teachers, OT, PT, speech, reading and the four specialists going in which makes the cohort really exposed to the whole school, The cohort sounds safe at first but with all the teachers that will be entering the classroom and working with the students?? They will be going into multiple classes? A: All staff entering a classroom will use hand sanitizer and masks as required. Additional PPE will be provided for special education and related service providers if they

  • Q4. If it's written in a child's IEP that they require movement breaks throughout the day, how will that be done safely?

  • Q5. My child struggled with the remote learning, she is on an IEP and I'm very concerned that she will not do well with they Hybrid model. Will there be an opportunity for some children to do class time 100% of the time and no remote learning?

  • Q6. How will IEP services be delivered?

  • Q7. How will IEPs be followed in the remote setting? That is, will services/support be provided as written.

  • Q8. Will all IEP testing be done in the timeframe as required by law?


  • Q1. How will grading work? Will all work count?

  • Q2. Will students receive a letter grade versus a pass/not pass? and how are you addressing academic dishonesty specifically when students are working remotely?

Specials, Lunch & Recess

  • Q1. How are gym, recess, art, music, tech/library and related service providers going to happen?

  • Q2. Will children will be switching classrooms and going to specials, lunch, gym, etc. or will they remain in the same classroom for the entire day?

  • Q3. What about art, music, library, computers for students who are not remote?

  • Q4. Can children use the playground equipment?

  • Q5: Are there ways to facilitate keeping the band program?

  • Q6. Hi, wondering if libraries will be open? Is there a plan for circulating materials?

  • Q7. How long will recess be?

  • Q8. Will first graders have more than one recess since they will not be leaving the classroom as much as before?

  • Q9. What is the plan for music and chorus (including PK students)?


  • Q1. Will there be training for parents in how to use the various platforms? google classroom? schoology? Etc

  • Q2. Have the schools been tested to ensure there is enough bandwidth to allow for remote learning?

Hybrid Model

  • Q1. Will siblings at different schools be considered when choosing hybrid group schedules?

  • Q2: What does a remote week in the hybrid model look like? Are you synchronously learning with kids in class? How is the teacher delivering the content to the child at home?

  • Q3. Please explain what Hybrid Learning is?

  • Q4. When a student is hybrid at home or fully remote will they be expected to pass in work daily?

  • Q5. Will there be a hybrid option for kindergartners?

Remote Learning

  • Q1. If we choose remote, will the students be allowed to come back to school when the families feel it is safe?

  • Q2. Does it help the school to choose a remote option for my elementary student?

  • Q3. Will remote learning students have a teacher that also has in-classroom students?

  • Q4. How will you be handling remote teaching for children who need childcare services due to both parents working outside the home? Will instructional videos be recorded?

  • Q5. Can you explain if/how families will be able to switch between in-person and remote learning options as the fall semester progresses as conditions change?

  • Q6: If families choose the 100% remote learning model, will teaching be 100% live?

  • Q7. For families who choose remote full time, are they guaranteed live teaching?

  • Q8: Is remote organized through DESE or Falmouth?

  • Q9. Would a 100% remote student have the same teachers as the hybrid?

  • Q10. Would the kids switch teachers if moving between remote and in-person?

Reopening Schools

  • Q1. Does the School Committee vote on the Reopening Plan? If so, why have schools agreed models ahead of the vote?


  • Q1. Will student cohorts take into consideration which families or friends the student socializes with outside of school since they are already regularly exposed to those classmates.

  • Q2. What is the timeline for final decision making including the actual date of the soft open?

  • Q3. What does the schedule look like for hybrid and remote? When will we know our specific child’s schedule?

  • Q4. When will the teacher assignments be announced?

  • Q5. At FHS will the school day start later given the change in number of classes per day?

  • Q6. Will a school day be the same length in minutes, as it was pre-COVID?

  • Q7. My son will be starting Lawrence this year. Is there a list of supplies that will be needed, when can we expect a schedule for him to come in and if he gets a bus pass as he will need one. Will these be mailed or emailed out?

  • Q8. Is there a schedule of streamed and/or taped lessons for students learning remotely? are streamed lessons on a schedule weekly? Daily?

  • Q9. Will siblings be on the same hybrid schedule? One at Morse Pond and one at Lawrence?

School Specific Information

  • Q1. How will passing time be handled at the Falmouth High School?

  • Q2. How are you addressing kindergarten as readiness screenings have yet to be done and orienting kids as they did not have the chance.

  • Q3. Parent of two high school kids, and I am in the undecided group. What has been put in place at the high school to keep children safe. The only thing I have heard about it is one way hallways? I assume this means kids will be traveling from room to room? Will each room be cleaned in between classes? bathrooms? lunchrooms? Also some towns are putting plexiglass around desks. I am curious to hear any plans about the high school?

  • Q4. Will there be a meet and greet with the teacher for first graders and preschoolers before school begins?

  • Q5. We understood you were starting hybrid at grade 7 - has that changed?

  • Q6. In the elementary schools the specialists will be going into classrooms. If a specialist gets sick, will the whole school be sent home to quarantine and test?

  • Q7. Can you review the plan for North Falmouth Elementary School and the options?

  • Q8. With Morse Pond now a hybrid, can they implement PowerSchool?

  • Q9. Will students get extra time to go between classes? Will students be penalized for being late?

  • Q10. How many kids per class at Lawrence?

  • Q11. How will Lawrence School do both cohorts and advanced math?

  • Q12. Today's letter to Morse Pond families mentioned a few different scenarios about what the hybrid model would look like. What are the chances you will make it the same as the High School Lawrence School so that young kids can be on the same schedule as their siblings! Fifth graders are too young to be home alone.

  • Q13. Can you post in the chat section the specific plan (i.e. full in person, hybrid, full remote) for each grade level?

Guidance Services & College-Going Supports

  • Q1: Will Falmouth High School host standardized testing during the 2020 - 2021 school year? A: Presently, Falmouth High School is scheduled to host the following fall tests, and our Guidance Department will monitor health conditions as the dates get closer. SAT Saturday, October 3, 2020 | PSAT Saturday, October 17, 2020 | ACT Saturday, October 24, 2020

  • Q2: What are current plans to engage Falmouth High School students in presentations about college/university selection?

  • Q3. This may be premature, but how will college guidance counseling work in the new model, say, if a student is remote? (And what's the current thinking about college tours?)

Family Decision-Making & Timelines

  • Q1. I’m hearing a lot of chatter about parents pursuing alternative educational options for their children. This may cause disparity between students’ learning. How do you plan to reconcile those differences between students who have access to other opportunities versus students who are pursuing the FPS curriculum?

  • Q2. When is the deadline for informing FPS that our child will not be returning to the district at all?

  • Q3. I think it was mentioned that there will be dedicated teachers for 100% remote students in elementary schools. If an “in person” student has to go remote due to COVID concerns, will the child be switched to the remote teacher or will they stay with their assigned classroom while they quarantine?

  • Q4. When is the deadline to withdraw from the district because you want a live learning experience at a private school?

  • Q5. What is the deadline for telling the school district that we want in-person or remote learning?

  • Q6. What will be the method of informing the district of my decision?

  • Q7. Will we be able to see what an elementary classroom will look like as well as a daily schedule? This would help us make an informed decision on sending our incoming Kindergartener.

  • Q8. If you start hybrid and don't like it can you change to fully remote?

  • Q9. Can you begin with remote learning and switch to hybrid when/if become more comfortable? Or is the student stuck with the option chosen?

  • Q10. What is the process to decide when it is appropriate to offer full time, in-person learning for all students?

  • Q11. Some families, especially those with children in multiple grades/schools, might prefer to homeschool vs. the other options for this year only. We would prefer to follow the school curriculum so our children can reintegrate as soon as possible. Would the school be able to provide curriculum/resources in this situation?

  • Q12. For homeschoolers, is there any way to access the class content or otherwise participate in school?

  • Q13. If families choose to homeschool (not remote learning, but homeschooling on their own) would the school district lose out on money for that student?


  • Q1. How will buses work with the limited spaces available? Will it be first come first serve or prioritized by need?

  • Q2. How will social distance be enforced on busses?

  • Q3. What will pick up and drop off look like for students who choose to don’t ride the bus?

  • Q4. With more families choosing to drop off children, how will that affect the car line in the morning and afternoon?

Substitute Teachers

  • Q1. Will the teachers be the same staff or should we expect a lot of substitute teachers?

  • Q2. How will the district secure substitute teachers for the inevitable quarantine of staff?


  • Q1. Can you please address what are issues being negotiated with teachers and FEA as you plan reopening?

  • Q2. What about before and after care? How does that work with cohorts etc?

  • Q3. What about field trips?

  • Q4. How will pick up/early dismissals be conducted? through intercoms?

  • Q5. What can parents/guardians do to support the District and how can parents/guardians who need additional support request aid?