LBC: Relations with Private Schools

  • In accordance with state law, the School Committee will approve a private school when it is
    satisfied that the school equals that of the Town’s public schools in thoroughness, efficiency, and
    progress made.

    All of the following steps are required for approval of a private school:

    1. The school submits a letter of application to the Superintendent of Schools.
    2. The school completes all items on the "Checklist for Approval of a Private
      School” and submits required documentation.
    3. The Superintendent or designee reviews the submitted materials.
    4. The Superintendent or designee visits the school.
    5. The school makes a presentation to the School Committee.
    6. The Superintendent makes a recommendation to the School Committee.
    7. The school is notified of the School Committee's decision.

    The School Committee will act reasonably and in good faith to carry out its statutory approval

    If substantial changes are made in the private school’s program, the school must seek renewed

    The School Committee recognizes that many worthwhile contributions are made to this
    community by parochial and other private schools. Therefore, it will cooperate with these
    schools in matters of mutual benefit when law does not expressly prohibit this cooperation.

    Legal Ref: MGL 40:4E; 71:48; 71:71D; 71B:4; 74:4 through 74:7A; 76:1

Last Modified on June 22, 2020