LB: Relations with other Schools and School Districts

  • The School Committee will cooperate with other schools and with local, state, and regional agencies and organizations to:

    1. Seek solutions to educational problems of common
    2. Offer support services of high quality to our
    3. Equalize educational opportunities for all
    4. Acquire federal and state
    5. Promote local school system involvement in state and federal decision-making.

    This cooperation may extend to research, providing transportation for children to special schools and hospitals, coordination of curriculum, exchange of information and data, construction of facilities that may be efficiently used on a cooperative basis, and the coordination of school calendars and activities.

    Before joining any cooperative programs, education collaborative, or participating in any joint educational services with other school districts, the School Committee wants to be sure that in all instances the best interests of our school children will be served. In carrying out this policy the Superintendent will include in reports to the Committee an evaluation of the desirability and feasibility of cooperation with other schools and agencies on matters of mutual interest.


    LEGAL REFS.:   M.G.L. 40:4E; 71:48; 71:71D; 71B:4; 74:4 through 74:7A; 76:1

Last Modified on June 22, 2020