KHB: Advertising in the Schools


    Students and the educational program must be the focus of the school district. The School Committee is committed to providing an educational environment with minimal disruptions and distractions for students. The Committee grants permission for advertising of products or services in athletic facilities or in school publications only under the following criteria and conditions and with the recommendation of the Superintendent:

    Advertising Criteria:

    • The advertisement must not conflict with District policies.
    • The advertising content cannot promote behavior, use, or paraphernalia that is prohibited on school property.
    • The advertisement must not be false, misleading, profane, or target a person or entity.
    • The advertising content must be school age and content appropriate.
    • The advertisement must not endorse a political cause, political activity, ballot measure, or candidate for political office.
    • The advertisement must not be religious in nature.
    • The advertisement must not unreasonably interfere with, or detract from, the promotion of public health, welfare, safety, and recreation.
    • The advertisement must not promote or reference any product or service that is prohibited for use by, or sale to, minors.
    • The advertisement must not create the potential to incite violence, crime, or disorderly conduct.
    • The advertisement must not promote the sale or use of products designed for use in connection with sexual activity or that glamorize sexual conduct.
    • The advertisement must not conflict with the mission of the District’s curriculum, instructional program, priorities, and educational objectives. 

    Types of Advertising:

    A. Athletic Facilities:

        Advertising is permitted in Athletic facilities with specific locations to be set by the Superintendent. 

    B. Publications:

        Publications of the school district will not contain any advertising; however, there are two possible exceptions:

    • Advertising in student publications published by student organizations are permitted.
    • Commercially-sponsored, free teaching aids may be used if the content is approved by the Administration.

    C. Non-profit Partners:

         Local, non-profit organizations may advertise services and products to families in schools that participate in such distribution.

         Such advertising must meet the above Advertising Criteria.

         Additionally, organizations must submit documentation of current 501(C)3 status to the Administration and meet each school’s distribution requirements.

    D. Other:

        Solicitation of sales or use of the name or logo of the school district to promote any product or service will not be permitted.

Last Modified on June 25, 2020