KHA: Public Solicitations to the Schools

  • The School Committee will place limits on commercial activities and fundraising activities in the schools for the following reasons:

    1. The district should provide students, parents/guardians, and employees some measure of protection from exploitation by commercial and charitable fundraising organizations.
    2. The district should not give the public the impression of generally endorsing or sanctioning commercial and fundraising activities. 
    3. Commercial and fundraising activities may disrupt school routine and cause loss of instructional time. 

    Following these guiding statements, the Superintendent and Principals may permit occasional commercial and fundraising activities related to the objectives of the schools with the following exceptions:

    1. No direct solicitation of students or employees may take place without Superintendent or designee permission.
    2. No general or class distribution of commercial or fundraising literature may take place without Superintendent or designee permission.

    For the purposes of this policy, local PTO groups and groups representing district employees will be considered "school groups" and will be governed by the Committee's policy on staff solicitations.

    LEGAL REF:   MGL44:53A

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Last Modified on January 5, 2021