KCD: Public Gifts to the Schools

  • The Superintendent has authority to accept gifts for the schools in the name of the School Committee when it is of educational value. In the case of a gift from industry, business, or special interest groups, advertising or promotion must be in accordance with the District’s Grant and Gift Guidelines.

    Gifts exceeding $500 or that involve changes in school facilities will be subject to School Committee approval. 

    Gifts will automatically become the property of the District.

    Any gift of cash, whether or not intended by the donor for a specific purpose, will be handled as a separate account and expended, as provided by law and outlined in the Falmouth Public Schools’ Grant and Gift Guidelines.

    The Superintendent will assure an appropriate thanks is given to all donors.


    LEGAL REF.:     M.G.L. 71:37A

    CROSS REF:     GBEA, Staff Ethics/Conflict of Interest

                           GBEBC, Gifts to and Solicitations by Staff

                           GBEDB, Online Fundraising and Solicitations – Crowdfunding

Last Modified on June 22, 2020