KBE: Relations with Parent/Booster Organizations

  • To foster relationships with parents/guardians that encourage the home and school to work together to establish and achieve common educational goals for students, the Superintendent and the professional staff will:

    1. Consult with and encourage parents/guardians to share in school planning and in setting objectives and evaluating programs.
    2. Help parents/guardians understand the educational process and their role in promoting it.
    3. Provide for parent/guardian understanding of school operations.
    4. Provide opportunities for parents/guardians to be informed of their child's development and the criteria for its measurement.

    To accomplish the above and to enhance communications between parents/guardians and school officials, the Committee encourages the maintenance of formal parent organizations, including booster organizations and Parent Teacher Organizations (PTOs), at each school building. For this purpose, the Committee will officially recognize parent organizations.  These procedures will be observed:

    1. Organizations will be officially recognized upon request by the building Principal who will file a copy of the organizational papers with the Superintendent.
    2. A vote, open to all parents/guardians of children enrolled, will designate the organization to be recognized if more than one organization with the same purpose makes the request.
    3. All parent organizations shall obtain 501C3 status and file appropriate paperwork with state authorities and make proof of such status available to school district administration.
    4. All parent organizations need to recognize that spending on student activities must comply with federal law relating to equity among student genders.


    LEGAL REFS:  Title IX, Education Amendments of 1972 

    CROSS REFS: ACA – Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Sex


Last Modified on June 22, 2020