Summer Reading Graphic Organizer

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    1) What is the title of the book you read? 

    2) Who is the author?

    3) Where and when does the story take place? (this is known as the setting. For “when” you can write past, present or future if no specific dates are given).

    3) Tell who the main character is and describe that individual.

    4) Who is your favorite character in the book and why?

    3) Summarize the major events in the story (this is known as the plot-a series of events related to one another that make up the story). Your summary should be AT LEAST 5 sentences!

    5) Did you like how the story ended? Why or why not? (Be specific so that your answer shows that you know what happened at the end of the book).

    Remember to bring this in on the first day of school or send it via email to