JJA: Student Organizations

  • Student organizations in the District shall be encouraged when they meet the criteria of contributing to student self-esteem and performance and should operate within the framework of state statutes, School Committee policies, and administrative procedures. 

    Each Principal shall develop general guidelines for the establishment and operation of student organizations within the particular school. Among other provisions, such guidelines shall require the approval of the Principal prior to the formation of any club or organization in the school and the assignment of at least one faculty or designated adult advisor to each approved student organization. Within such guidelines will be provisions for a periodic review of all student organizations.

    The formation of any student organization that may engage in activities of a controversial nature shall require approval by the School Committee.

    All student organizations shall be required to open membership to all interested and/or eligible students. Disruptive groups, secret societies, and/or gangs shall not receive recognition in any manner under this policy.

    All forms of hazing in initiations shall be prohibited in a student organization. No initiation shall be held for a student organization which will bring criticism to the district or be degrading to the student.

    The faculty or designated adult advisor must attend every meeting of the student organization whether conducted on school premises or at another location.


    LEGAL REF.:     603 CMR 26.00

Last Modified on July 1, 2020