JF: School Admissions

  • All children of school age who reside in the town will be entitled to attend the public schools, as will certain children who do not reside in the town but who are admitted under School Committee policies relating to nonresident students or by specific action of the School Committee.

    Advance registration for prospective kindergarten students will take place annually. Every student seeking admission to school for the first time must present a birth certificate or equivalent proof of age acceptable to the principal and proof of vaccination and immunizations as required by the state and the School Committee. Proof of residency or legal guardianship shall be required by the school administration.


    LEGAL REFS.:   M.G.L. 15:lG; 76:1; 76:5; 76:15; 76:15A

                           603 CMR 26:01; 26:02; 26:03

    CROSS REFS.:  JLCA, Physical Examination of Students

                           JLCB, Inoculations of Students

                           JFBB, School Choice

                           JFABD, Homeless Students: Enrollment Rights and Services

Last Modified on June 30, 2020