JEB: Entrance Age

  • A child who will be five years of age on August 31 of the entry year is eligible to enter Kindergarten in that calendar year. One must be age six on or before August 31 of a given calendar year to enter grade one. Annually, the District will announce dates for kindergarten registration at each elementary school. Notices will be sent out from the schools, and the news media will be requested to convey the information to the public.


    LEGAL REFS.:   M.G.L. 15:lG; 76:1; 76:5; 76:15; 76:15A

                           603 CMR 26:01; 26:02; 26:03

    CROSS REF.:    JLCA, Physical Examination of Students

                           JLCB, Inoculations of Students

                           JFBB, School Choice

                           JFABD. Homeless Students: Enrollment Rights and Services


Last Modified on June 30, 2020