JC: School Attendance Areas

  • Attendance areas for the various schools of the town will be drawn up by the Superintendent and approved by the School Committee. In establishing school attendance areas, it shall give primary consideration to the following:

    • The educational opportunity afforded to students in each school involved;
    • The efficient and educationally effective use of the capacity of each school;
    • The geographic location of each school in relationship to the surrounding student population.

    The following conditions may require the establishment or change of previously established school attendance areas:

    • The opening of a new school
    • An overcrowded condition in an existing school or the development of new residential areas that will result in overcrowding conditions at an existing school
    • An under-enrolled condition in an existing school that reduces the efficient and educationally effective use of the capacity of that school to below acceptable standards for good education and cost management
    • The need to maintain socio-economic and/or racial balance in an existing school

    Parents/Guardians must send their children to the schools that are located within the attendance boundaries established by the School Committee.

    The Committee recognizes that there are family hardships or children with special needs that make it necessary to grant exceptions to the policy. The exceptions and the policies governing them have been developed.

    The Superintendent is authorized to make exceptions to attendance lines for individual children in the best interests of the student and/or the school.

    LEGAL REFS.:     

    M.G.L. 71:37C; 71:37D; 71:371; 71:37J 603 CMR 17.00

    603 CMR 26.00

Last Modified on July 1, 2020