IJOC: Volunteer Program

  • Recognizing that Falmouth has a strong history of volunteerism in our schools through the Falmouth Volunteers In Public Schools (VIPS), Inc. program, the School Committee welcomes and encourages volunteers who wish to contribute their time, expertise, and skills.

    The School Committee supports the role of the Falmouth VIPS program in assisting potential volunteers. Falmouth VIPS provides information related to volunteer opportunities, training, orientation, registration, and placement. Before starting a volunteer assignment, volunteers will complete required paperwork and agree to abide by the guidelines established for all volunteers, including confidentiality, dependability and supervision. While performing services as a volunteer, every individual will be subject to all applicable policies and procedures. 

    Volunteer opportunities exist within our classrooms and schools, as do opportunities for volunteers outside of the school. Specialized opportunities also exist for volunteers interested in tutoring, mentoring, providing career advice, sharing expertise in the areas of health and wellness, financial literacy, STEAM, and more.

    Volunteers enhance the educational experience of our students and supplement the work of our staff. No volunteer assignment is intended to replace paid positions within the school system. Volunteers work under the supervision of school district employees.


    CROSS REF:    ADDA, Background Checks

Last Modified on June 29, 2020