IJ: Instructional Materials

  • The School Committee believes that materials appropriate to the needs of the school program must be available to each student and teacher. These will be furnished by the School Committee subject to budgetary constraints.

    The task of selecting instructional materials for programs will be delegated to the instructional leadership of the district. Instructional programs and materials are of great importance, only those that meet the following criteria will be approved by the Committee:

    1. They must present balanced views of critical and complex issues and historical influences on current issues and projected trends.
    2. They must provide materials that stimulate student curiosity and foster growth in all areas of the curriculum.
    3. They must help students develop abilities in numeracy, oral and written communication, critical thinking, problem solving, and resiliency.
    4. They must help develop and foster an appreciation of citizenship, cultural sustainability, and awareness of their influence on their communities.
    5. They must provide for all students an effective basic education that does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, gender identity, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, pregnancy or pregnancy related condition, English proficiency, and homeless status; rather instructional materials shall include figures and characters that reflect students’ identities.
    6. They must allow sufficient flexibility for meeting the needs and interests of individual students and groups of students; they can leverage multiple modes of delivery as well as multiple means for students to demonstrate their learning and proficiency.


    LEGAL REFS.:    M.G.L. 30B:7; 71:48; 71:49; 71:50

                            BESE regulations 603 CMR 26.00

    CROSS REF.:     KEC, Public Complaints about the Curriculum or Instructional Materials

Last Modified on June 29, 2020