GCBA: Professional Staff Salary Schedules

  • Professional Staff

    The School Committee will adopt a salary schedule for professional staff as part of the contract negotiated with the bargaining units. The schedule will be designed to recognize and reward training and experience and encourage additional study for professional advancement.


    Principals and Central Office Administrators

    The Superintendent will annually notify the School Committee of salary adjustments for principals and other members of the Central Office Administration covered by individually negotiated contracts. These adjustments will take effect as of July 1, including retroactive application as needed, in accordance with the contract terms for each individual position.

    The Superintendent issues initial contracts to Principals that may be up to three years in length. The length of second and subsequent contracts of employment for Principals shall be in accordance with state law. 


    LEGAL REFS.:        M.G.L. 71:40; 71:43 

    CONTRACT REF.:  Teachers' Agreement

Last Modified on April 22, 2020