GBA: Affirmative Action Policy

  • The Falmouth School Committee acknowledges that diversity in all its forms is a valued asset. Therefore, the School Committee will strive to provide students with a staff and instructional program that reflect the value of such diversity.

    The School Committee affirms a policy which guarantees equal employment opportunity in the recruitment, application, selection, compensation, retention, transfer, promotion, benefits, work assignment and career progression process without discrimination for reasons of individual's race, color, religion, national origin, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, gender identitiy, age, genetic information, ancestry, military status, disability, pregnancy or pregnancy related condition. 

    The Committee recognizes, however, that such a policy in itself may not be sufficient to achieve the stated goals and needs of the educational system in respect to employment and programs and therefore, directs the following affirmative action:

    1. The School District will develop a system of positive steps to recruit, retain and promote a qualified staff that reflects the cultural diversity in the community.
    2. The School District will develop instructional programs which will increase among students and staff an awareness of the existence and positive value of the cultural diversity within the community and larger society and the strength that can be derived from such diversity.
    3. The School District will implement informational and educational programs which will help the community recognize the value of cultural diversity in school programs and staff.
    4. The School District, through the Superintendent or designee, will provide annual Civil Rights training to all staff.
    5. The Superintendent of Schools is charged with the overall responsibility for the implementation of this affirmative action policy and shall report once a year to the School Committee on steps taken and progress made in implementing the policy across all schools.


    LEGAL REF:             603 CMR 26:00

Last Modified on April 22, 2020