FB: Facilities Planning

  • School Building Committee

    The Town Meeting approves the formulation of a School Building Committee for specific building projects. The Building Committee members are appointed by the Town Manager.

    The school building committee has the following responsibilities:

    1. To study and make recommendations to the town with respect to school building needs.
    2. To review thoroughly with the Superintendent and the School Committee the educational requirements in relation to school buildings.
    3. To review previous studies and initiate needed studies with or without consultative assistance.
    4. To employ the services of architects and cost estimators and such other professional assistance as it may deem necessary.


    Staff Planning

    Arrangements will be made by the Superintendent, working through Principals, for the school staff to contribute in the planning of new school buildings. Teachers will be given the opportunity to submit suggestions for possible inclusion in the educational specifications.


    LEGAL REFS.:    M.G.L. 71:37C and D; 71:68; 71:70

                            Massachusetts Board of Education Regulations Governing the School Building Assistance Act

                            Chapter 645 of the Acts of 1948 as amended, FY 79

                            Board of Education 603 CMR 38:00 and 603 CMR 26:07

Last Modified on April 22, 2020