EGAD: Printing and Duplication Procedures (Copyrighted Materials)

  • Title XVII of the United States Code makes it illegal for anyone to duplicate copyrighted materials without permission. Any duplication of copyrighted materials by Falmouth Public Schools employees must be done with the permission of the copyright holder or within the guidelines of “fair use” as set forth in Federal regulation. Severe penalties are imposed for unauthorized copying of audio-visual or printed materials unless the copying falls within the bounds of the “fair use” doctrine. District staff shall not be asked to violate copyright requirements in order to perform their duties. The legal and insurance protection of the district will not be extended to employees who unlawfully copy and use copyrighted materials. 

    All district staff will comply with policy and procedures that detail the duplication of copyright materials. The district will annually distribute standards for “fair use” of copyright materials. Employees are expected to provide their supervisor, upon request, the justification for materials that have been used or copied. Employees who use copyrighted materials that do not fall within fair use or public display guidelines will substantiate that the materials

    • have been purchased from an authorized vendor by the individual or the district and a record of the purchase exists, or
    • are copies covered by a licensing agreement between the copyright owner and the district or the individual employee, or
    • are being previewed or demonstrated by the user to reach a decision about future purchase or licensing and a valid agreement exists that allows for such use.


    Cross-Reference:    IJNDB Responsible Use Policy

Last Modified on April 21, 2020