EEAEA: Bus Driver Examination and Training

  • The School Committee will reserve the right to approve or disapprove persons employed by the bus contractor to drive school transporta­tion vehicles.

    1. Courteous and careful drivers will be required.
    2. Each driver will file with school officials a medical certificate and proof of freedom from tuberculosis.
    3. Only persons who are properly licensed by the state and have completed the driver-training program will be permitted to drive school buses.
    4. The contractor will furnish the district with a list of names of drivers and their safety records for the last three years.
    5. The contractor will notify school officials as soon as possible of any change of bus drivers.


    LEGAL REFS.:   M.G.L. 90:7B; 90:8A; 90:8A ½

Last Modified on April 21, 2020