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  • The Falmouth Public Schools reflected on how the Clipper voyage has led us through years of growth punctuated by countless examples of achievement and success. This work allowed us to identify the parts of our history that have become traditions and the elements we want to honor and carry forward in our continued work. Then, we paused, evaluated the winds, and thought about where the journey is now leading. We considered our true north, wondered what new adventures awaited, and reoriented ourselves. We know we are yet to experience new forms of success. The result, Charting the Course to Graduation, is our vision of teaching and learning. It elevates current practice and stimulates new thinking. It demands students and teachers both navigate the way forward together as learners.

    Together, we are Clippers. Yet, no matter where we go, we each can proudly reflect on our journey and affirm that our identity as a learner was shaped by our time in Falmouth. Each can say,


    I am Creative

    • I am curious.

    • I use my imagination.

    • I consider new ways to express and communicate ideas.

    • I innovate; I seek original solutions.

    • I willingly take risks to advance my learning.

    • I engage in problem solving to address current and future challenges.

    • I complete multiple drafts to determine my best learning outcome.

    • I take advantage of opportunities to advance my learning -- anytime, anywhere.

    • I explore new opportunities and approaches to learning.

    • I embrace all opportunities to attempt new approaches to learning in all aspects of my life.

    I am a Learner

    • I can learn.

    • I welcome new learning opportunities, experiences, and challenges.

    • I seek out knowledge.

    • I know how to find relevant and effective information.

    • I am able to adapt to different situations.

    • I can evaluate information to determine accuracy and reliability.

    • I demonstrate content understanding.

    • I demonstrate self- and social-awareness.

    • I make meaningful and relevant connections.

    • I have a growth mindset about my learning and respect the learning process of others.

    I am Inquisitive

    • I investigate.

    • I develop novel, thought-provoking questions about information.

    • I identify and select appropriate information from multiple authoritative print and digital sources.

    • I develop a sophisticated organizational structure that promotes making connections to the real world.

    • I create an original conclusion based on an analysis of appropriate research.

    • I evaluate the credibility and source of information.

    • I assess the strengths and limitations of each source by task, purpose, and audience.

    • I can develop my own perspective.

    • I create an original conclusion based on an analysis.

    • I reflect on responses to questions in order to improve my problem-solving skills.

    • I have an inclination to learn/grow/attain new knowledge through application to real world problems.

    I am a Participant and a Partner

    • I am present.

    • I am prepared.

    • I have a positive attitude.

    • I follow class and team norms.

    • I cooperate.

    • I collaborate.

    • I make meaningful, insightful, and helpful contributions.

    • I resist inappropriate social pressure, manage interpersonal conflict, and seek help when needed.

    • I fulfill my responsibilities in a timely manner that allows learning and collaboration to continue.

    • I am compassionate and culturally aware.

    • I value and respect differences in perspective and opinion.

    I am an Effective Communicator

    • I listen.

    • I empathize with others.

    • I document evidence, ideas, and solutions in a variety of modes.

    • I clearly communicate relevant and factual information.

    • I participate in the conversation without taking over the conversation.

    • I document ideas and solutions, statements, presentations, and constructions.

    • I advocate for other students.

    • I celebrate the accomplishments of others.

    • I use language that recognizes different cultures and focuses on different perspectives.

    • I am honest and open about specifications, benefits, and limitations.

    • I communicate with my audience in mind.

    I am Resilient

    • I persevere.

    • I positively respond to failure.

    • I am able to self-regulate.

    • I take academic risks and learn from my failures.

    • I overcome obstacles to reach goals.

    • I am flexible but able to stay focused when faced with challenges.

    • I identify/accept when I need help.

    • I know failing forward is a part of the learning process.

    • I attend to my physical, social, and emotional health and wellness to ensure my best learning.

    • I self-advocate.