Grade 4 Learning

  • Timeline:

    • Week 1 begins on April 6 (4 days)

    • Week 2 begins on April 13 (5 days)

    • Week 3 begins on April 27 (5 days)


    Ongoing: 3-4 times per week

    Know multiplication facts up to 12 X 12= 144 and their related division facts (like 144/12= 12)

    • Reflex Math/Xtra Math and/or other math fact learning tools as assigned by classroom teachers

    For the following fourth grade standards, classroom teachers will support students in working through skills and strategies using Khan Academy. Teachers will assign their students videos and exercises each day on the following math standards.

    Week 1

    Add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers (like 4 ⅖) with the same denominator

    • Decompose fractions visually

    • Adding and subtracting fractions with like denominators 

    • Adding and subtracting fractions: word problems

    • Mixed numbers

    • Adding and subtracting mixed numbers 

    Week 2

    Multiply fractions by whole numbers: for example, ¼ X 5

    • Adding and subtracting mixed numbers word problems

    • Multiplying fractions and whole numbers visually

    • Multiplying whole numbers and fractions

    Week 3

    Understand how decimals and fractions are related: for example, 0.63=63/100

    • Finish Multiplying Whole Numbers and Mixed Numbers 

    • Decimal Fractions

    • Writing fractions as decimals 

    • Writing decimals as fractions 

    • Common fractions and decimals


    Students are expected to spend a minimum of 40 minutes on the following daily reading activities

    • Once you have finished reading the articles, choose one activity from the fiction or nonfiction choice board to complete for one of the articles you have read. You must choose a different activity for each passage throughout the week. All work will be submitted through Google Classroom on the Daily ELA recording sheet. If you choose to do an illustration or a video, upload it to Google Classroom or have your parents email it to your teacher. 


    Students will write in a Journal each day recording how they are feeling and what they are doing during this important time in history. A template and detailed directions will be provided to set up their journal in Google Classroom. They can share their thoughts in writing and/or poetry and include pictures, drawings, etc.  This can be done on paper or online. Students will need to show that they are contributing to the journal through the template or by making a plan with their teacher. Journal entries will be completed 4 times a week. 

    Humanities and STEM will be embedded and integrated in the above content areas.

Last Modified on April 6, 2020