Continuity of Learning

  • These are unprecedented times for K - 12 education across the Commonwealth and our nation, and our extended school closing will help limit the spread of COVID-19, but it creates previously unknown challenges and interruptions to the learning process.

    The Falmouth Public Schools has curated a rich complement of learning tools and resources for students and families to use to create routines and to maintain a connection to our school community during this time of social distancing and isolation. Members of our instructional leadership representing all subjects and grade levels have contributed to the content offered in the Continuity of Learning Plans. As a team, these leaders determined how to provide age, grade, and content relevant learning opportunities that include in-home activities, paper-based tasks, and online connections, including Google Classroom and Schoology, our learning management system (LMS).

    All resources, programming, and materials are intended to introduce and reinforce core skills and critical content exposures for current grade levels and courses. The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary of Education (DESE) published grade level "power standards," which highlight critical learning for readiness to advance to the next grade. This guidance supports our teachers' selection of new materal and remains a catalyst for continued planning.

    Please know that our primary intent is to help students stay connected to school. Remote learning lessons and assignments can be used as springboards to other activities and conversations about learning opportunities students and families can create together. We will periodically make updates as they are available. Currently, paper resources are largely used at the Kindergarten to Grade 2 span and are being mailed directly to students' homes. 

    Students will receive feedback on their assignments. By engaging in continuity of learning exercises, students will help their teachers find the place from which they can start again when they are reunited in their schools. 

    We also welcome students and families to take advantage of these additional opportunities and resources.

    Clipper Collective

    Submission to CLIPPER Collective -- Journal entries, stories, poems, pictures -- depicting the surreal and unprecedented times in which we are living. Please use this Google Form to submit a work.


    Additional Opportunities

    MBL SciShoots Video Series

    The Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) will be posting a few short (15 minutes or less), informal videos lead by our research faculty and staff. These videos provide high school students with some useful information on the important cutting-edge research done at the MBL, but they can also provide students with an awareness of the variety of things they can do within science. MBL posted an introductory video by their Director as well as a short video by our Marine Resources Director, Dave Remsen, on the unique attributes of horseshoe crabs. You are both welcomds and encouraged to submit any questions for the researchers. We hope you find these videos useful.vHere are the links:



    More information on


    DESE Remote Learning Guidance   |   Additional Resources for Families

Last Modified on June 23, 2020