CBI: Evaluation of the Superintendent

  • Evaluation can serve the purpose of helping educators and educational leaders continually improve their practice. 

    Through evaluation of the Superintendent, the School Committee will strive to accomplish the following: 

    1. Ensure the efforts of the Superintendent are focused on district goals and the standards of professional practice established by state regulation are met by the Superintendent.
    2. Ensure a majority of Committee members and the Superintendent are in agreement and clear on the role of the Superintendent and the immediate priorities among their responsibilities.
    3. Provide excellence in administrative leadership of the school district.
    4. Develop a respectful and productive working relationship between the School Committee and Superintendent.

    The School Committee and Superintendent will periodically develop a set of performance objectives based on the needs of the district and in keeping with state regulations for evaluation of the Superintendent. The Superintendent’s performance will be reviewed in accordance with specified goals and standards. Additional objectives will be established according to the evaluation cycle agreed upon with the Superintendent. 

    All School Committee discussion and deliberation related to the Superintendent’s performance evaluation shall be conducted in open session in accordance with the open meeting law. In addition, the evaluation processes shall follow a stated timeline established between the School Committee and Superintendent, which begins with goal setting and annual performance objectives before the start of the school year and progresses through the completion of evaluation forms before the annual town elections in May.

    LEGAL REF:   M.G.L. 30A:18-25

                          603 CMR 35:00

Last Modified on April 21, 2020