CBE: Salary Increments for the Superintendent of Schools and other Central Office Administrators

  • The School Committee shall meet annually to review the salary levels of the Superintendent of Schools. This review will take place following the completion of the evaluation and should be completed before the opening of the school year.

    Completion of this review shall include taking definitive action to establish or vote any adjustment in the salary rate to become effective on July 1st including retroactive application as needed. It should also include providing the Superintendent with an official written notification of the results of the review.

    The review of the Superintendent’s salary shall be made with the intent of keeping that salary competitive and reasonable in view of such factors as:

    1. Comparisons with salaries of other Superintendents in similar districts and communities;
    2. An adequate differential between the salary levels of the Superintendent and the salary levels of other administrators and teachers in the local school district;
    3. Changes in the “Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers” promulgated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, United States Department of Labor, Boston, Region, and published in February of each year. If this index is not in existence at the time of the annual review, some comparable table or index shall be used in its stead;
    4. Special fringe benefits which are defined in consultation with the Superintendent; and
    5. Performance of the Superintendent
Last Modified on June 16, 2020