BHD: School Committee Public Relations

  • The School Committee believes that:

    1. The public schools belong in every sense to the people of the community of Falmouth. 
    2. The schools are only as strong as the support the people in the community provide. 
    3. The support of the people must be based upon their knowledge and/or their understanding about, and their participation in, the aims and efforts of the public schools. 
    4. The district is responsible for maintaining a safe and orderly environment for students and public who are attending school events.

    The School Committee, therefore, reaffirms and declares its intent to:

    1. Stimulate community interest in its meetings. The meeting agenda will be published on the Town website in advance of the meeting. Community and press are welcome to attend all open meetings of the School Committee. In the event that representatives of the press are unable to attend a meeting of the School Committee, they shall be provided a summary of important School Committee actions.
    2. Keep the citizens of the district regularly informed on policies, programs, and planning of the district, through active and positive relationships with all forms of media in the community.
    3. Make timely, accurate, public announcements of any school related events, both of an ordinary or extraordinary nature.
    4. Establish appropriate controls of location and time for access when an orderly and safe environment may be threatened. Such conditions shall be approved by the superintendent or designee, will be applied equitably and clearly to all media and follow District procedure.
Last Modified on April 21, 2020