BDE-R: Permanent Committees and Other Assignments

  • Following the annual election in May, new and returning School Committee members will be asked to state preferences for membership on permanent subcommittees and in other assignments. Normally each member will have a total of two to four responsibilities. The new School Committee Chairperson will make assignments with preferences in mind.

    Subcommittees may have from one to four members. Subcommittees are governed by open meeting processes. They do not have a formally elected chairman; they generally operate with votes on recommendation to the School Committee. Preparing agendas, chairing, and writing draft minutes are fulfilled by appropriate members of the Central Administration.


    Permanent Subcommittees

    • Budget
    • Negotiations
    • Policy
    • Superintendent Evaluation


    Other Assignments

    • Affirmative Action Committee Representative
    • Cape Cod Collaborative Board
    • Legislative Representative
    • School Building Needs Committee
    • SEPAC Liaison
    • Technology Advisory Committee
    • VIPS Advisory Board
    • FEF Liaison
    • Bill Signatory
    • Health and Wellness Committee
Last Modified on April 21, 2020