BDE: Subcommittees of the School Committee

  • The School Committee shall appoint members to subcommittees after their annual organizational meeting for a period of one year. These subcommittees may be created for a specific purpose and to make recommendations for Committee action.

    1. The subcommittee will be established through action of the Committee.
    2. The Committee Chair, subject to approval by the Committee, will appoint the subcommittee chair and its members.
    3. The subcommittee will be provided with a list of its functions and duties.
    4. The subcommittee may make recommendations for Committee action, but it may not act for the School Committee.
    5. All subcommittees of the School Committee are subject to the provisions of the Open Meeting Law.


    LEGAL REF.:   M.G.L. 30A:18-25

    CROSS REF.:  BEC, Executive Sessions

Last Modified on April 21, 2020