BCBA: Nepotism

    1. The school district shall neither (i) employ a member of the immediate family of a Superintendent, central office administrator, or School Committee member, nor (ii) assign a member of the immediate family (e.g., the employee and spouse, and their parents, children, brothers and sisters) of the Principal as an employee at the Principal’s school, unless written notice is given to the School Committee of the proposal to employ or assign such person at least two weeks in advance of such person’s employment or assignment. 
    2. Furthermore, in the employment and assignment of personnel, no one may be assigned responsibility for the supervision of a close relative.
    3. For the purpose of this section, close relative shall be defined as including the mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, or grandchild of the employee, or the spouse of the employee, and the spouse, son, son-in-law, daughter, daughter-in-law, brother or sister of the employee, or any relative living in the immediate household of the employee.
    4. A School Committee member shall not vote on individual school budget items which concern an employee of the school department who is a close relative of that Committee member, in keeping with Chapter 268A, Section 19 and 20 of the Massachusetts General Laws.
Last Modified on April 21, 2020