AE Accountability/Commitment to Accomplishment

  • The School Committee accepts ultimate responsibility for all facets of school operations. Because it is accountable to residents of the District, the School Committee will maintain a program of accountability consisting of the following elements:

    • Clear statements of expectations and purpose as these relate to operations, programs, departments, and positions.
    • Provisions for the staff, resources, and support necessary to achieve stated expectations and purposes, subject to financial support by residents of the
    • Evaluation of operations and instructional and staff development programs to determine how well expectations and purposes are being
    • Specific performance objectives to enable individuals to direct their own efforts to the goals and objectives of the
    • Evaluation of the efforts of employees in line with stated objectives, with the first purpose of evaluation being to help each individual make a maximum contribution to the goals of the

     Every effort will be made by the School Committee, Superintendent, and staff to fulfill the responsibilities inherent in the concept of accountability.


Last Modified on April 21, 2020