ADDA-R-2 CORI Requirements - Administrative Guidelines for Volunteers

  • CORI Procedures/Process for Handling Forms / VIPS (Volunteers in Public Schools)

    The Principal of each school shall identify one or more persons who shall be responsible for checking/verifying and copying photo identification of anyone completing and submitting a CORI form so there is a correspondence between the identification and the CORI form.

    Each principal will be given a color identified envelope for the CORI information to be placed in and transported to the VIPS office.

    The VIPS Office will have an employee responsible for typing and submitting personal information from the completed forms to the CORI Board via the Internet.

    The results of individual CORI form submissions will be maintained in the VIPS office.

    The forms will then be held in a secure file in a secure room in the VIPS Office.

Last Modified on April 21, 2020