Course Expectations

  • Mr. Webber
    Office: 11117C

    Welcome to TV Production

    Students learn the fundamentals of television production through a variety of projects that give them the opportunity to combine video with graphics, images, and sound to tell a story. From concept to completion, students learn how to plan, shoot, and edit an assignment using digital video tools. Students work in both a TV Studio and an Editing Lab to design and create their projects. They learn about camera techniques, digital editing, audio mixing, and producing video segments for use on the Falmouth Educational Channel 14. They also learn about every job within a television studio and receive hands-on training to develop their skills. Students are required to participate in the videotaping of one school event per semester. Students may fulfill this requirement by filming in-school assemblies, after-school activities, athletic or performing arts events.


    Class meets in room 1117E

    This is a very hands-on course with a heavy focus on learning basic equipment and plenty of group work. There will also be lectures on fundamentals of the film and television industry. Work will be evaluated and critiqued in class to constantly work on the final project. We will all be working together to get the best project in the end, but you will be graded individually based on your project

    Though most assignments should be possible to complete in class, I will be available after school on other callback days upon request.  I am available during normal school hours in my office behind the control room, and after school on Thursdays - please find me in my office if I am not already in the lab helping another student.

    Required Supplies

    1. Pen or pencil
    2. Falmouth Google Apps for Education account
    3. Self-motivation, positive attitude, and willingness to learn and be productive

    Course Syllabus

    Week 0-2

    • Introduction to class policies and expectations
    • Tour studio and equipment
    • Intro to Google Apps for Education and Google Classroom
    • Introduction to editing in Adobe Premiere

    Week 3-4

    • Learn basic elements of a story 
    • Learn how to storyboard 
    • Learn how to use camera equipment
    • Film small group project on the story of an object

    Week 5-6

    • Learn how to write scripts
    • Learn how to shoot, edit, write a commercial/PSA
    • Film small group project on commercial/PSA

    Week 7-8

    • Learn how to use different types of microphones
    • Learn different lighting techniques
    • Learn how to prep for an interview
    • Film small group project interviewing an individual on camera

    Week 9-11

    • Learn how to use TV studio and responsibilities for each
    • Learn how to make packages
    • Learn lighting techniques
    • Working in half-class groups in-studio production

    Week 12-14

    • Finish final projects
    • Final assessment - graded on performance directing a studio production

    Student Expectations and Responsibilities

      • Be in class on time and prepared
      • LISTEN
      • Hand in all assignments on time & completed
      • Study prior to taking tests and quizzes
      • Apply yourself and participate in class
      • Turn in your “BEST” product every time
      • You should be respectful of the teacher, other students, and equipment.
      • You are expected to abide by the District Acceptable Use Policy Agreement when working on any computer.


    • There are several assignments/projects when you will work on “at your own pace” in class. This requires respect for your peers whether they are further ahead than you or behind you in the assignment.


    • Students are expected to demonstrate excellent time management skills as project due dates are strictly enforced.

    Project Appropriateness

    Please ensure that all projects follow acceptable behaviors as outlined in the FHS student handbook.  Inappropriate content (such as, but not limited to the items below), will not be graded and will marked as incomplete:

    • Weapons, explosions, lighting objects on fire
    • Violence
    • Inappropriate dress
    • Profanity
    • Unsafe antics
    • Illegal behavior
    • Discrimination of any kind 
    • Use of unlicensed copyright video

    Late Work

    Upon returning to school after a period of absence, a student has a length of time at least equal to the number of school days absent to make up missed work. A student not making up the work in the allotted time will receive a failing mark for the work not made up.

    Previously announced assignments/tests must be completed upon return. The responsibility is on the student to meet with the teacher to determine when the assignment/test is to be made up. In addition to the teachers’ call back days, the student may receive academic assistance through the volunteer program and math/science aides.

    If any extenuating circumstance exists, the parent should contact the guidance counselor. The counselor will consult with the teacher, department heads, the assistant principal, and principal when necessary. When a student is absent from class, the student is allowed to make up work unless the absence is a cut.

    If you are going to be absent as a result of travel, your parent or guardian should notify the assistant principal’s office one week in advance. Students will be expected to make up missed assignments and classroom work within a reasonable amount of time after as defined by the school’s attendance policy.


    All students are required to have parental consent for Internet use and agree to the student photography/video policy IJOE.  

    Code of Conduct / Academic Honesty

    • Use your own brain
    • Any form of cheating will result in a zero on an assignment: 
      • Copying/posting from student files, 
      • Copying/posting from the internet
      • Allowing someone else to work in your files
      • Talking or using your cell phone during an individual assignment or test
      • Not leading your own project

    Food and Drink

    Keep our lab happy and clean!  With the exception of bottled water, no food or drink are allowed at the computers at any time.


    Fire drills


    Every 3 tardies to a class result in a teacher detention.  Every 4 tardies in a quarter will result in administrative detention.


    • Please wait for me to dismiss the class, not the bell.
    • When leaving, please make sure your workstation is straightened up, headphones on top of your computer, your chair is pushed under the table. Place all trash in the trash can.


    Projects: 50% of grade

    • You will be evaluated most heavily on production, the same if this was your employment
    • Projects will be evaluated based on the rubrics individualized for each project
    • 1 point off per day late, including unexcused absences

    Tests / Quizzes: 30% of grade

    • Quizzes at the end of each lesson unit
    • Midterm and final tests

    Participation: 15% of grade

    • Attendance/tardiness
    • Cooperation with classmates in group assignments
    • No off-task computer use when there is work to be done

    Outside of class filming: 5% of grade

    • Film one in-school assembly, after-school activities, athletic or performing arts events
    • Must be edited, have opening and closing credits, and be suitable to air on channel 14
    • Opportunity for crew projects

    Extra credit: Film additional projects outside of class for channel 14 - 2% of grade to a max of 10%

    Please use your own work and images as you make your videos, or use stock image sites which allow the copyrighted use of their work, with proper citation and attribution.  Students who use their own creative and original talents to produce media will be taken into consideration for scoring rubrics and will receive extra credit toward project grades.

    Report cards are issued two times a semester. The report cards are handed out in school except in the fourth quarter when they are mailed home.  Achievement marks are as follows:

    • A 93% and above   C 73%-76%   NO CREDIT
    • A- 90%-92% C- 70%-72% F 59% and below
    • B+ 87%-89% D+ 67%-69%  I Incomplete
    • B 83%-86% D 63%-66%  M Medical excuse
    • B- 80%-82% D- 60%-62%  WP Withdrawn passing
    • C+ 77%-79% P Passing  WF Withdrawn failing
    • N P Not passing


    Use of personal electronic devices, such as cellphones, laptops,  tablets, etc, are not permitted during the regular school hours and during detention, unless under the direct instruction of a teacher and being used for instructional purposes.  Students may carry devices but they WILL NOT be visible or ACTIVATED during school hours or detention will be assigned. Students bringing such devices to school do so at their own risk, and the school is not responsible for attempting to retrieve lost or stolen property. 

    The unauthorized taking and/or using visual images or audio recordings in school or on school grounds is prohibited.  This is a violation of the personal rights of staff and students, is illegal and will result in a severe penalty.