• 7120   Graphic Design CP1                                           Semester              Grades 9- 12        2 Credits

    Introducing the Adobe Creative Suite, this course focuses on solving design challenges for print communications as well as personal visual expression.   Students are introduced to the Mac computer environment and learn the basics of file management and naming conventions.  Students apply the elements and principles of design while exploring typography, layout, composition, and image manipulation. Students learn various modes of capturing original imagery as well as how to create digital images using electronic drawing software. Assessment is based on pre-planning, project specific rubrics, and teacher observation of work habits and technical/creative growth. Students with an interest in print communications and/or digital art are encouraged to take this course.

    7124   Graphic Design 2 CP2                                       Semester              Grades 10- 12                     2 Credits

    Prerequisite: Successful completion of Graphic Design CP1. This course expands upon students understanding of solving complex design challenges by exploring more advanced techniques using Adobe Creative Suite. Students continue to explore the elements and principles of design to create original print communications and artistic expressions. Students learn the basics of color theory and are encouraged to pursue personal creative interests.

    7122   Graphic Design 3 CP2                                       Year                       Grades 11, 12                      4 Credits

    7123   Graphic Design 4 CP2                                       Year                       Grades 11, 12                      4 Credits

    These courses continue to build students’ knowledge and experience working with the Adobe Creative Suite to solve design challenges. The increasingly complex projects require learning sophisticated techniques that demonstrate research, critical thinking and refinement of products. These offerings are for those who are interested in pursuing graphic design, animation, web design, game boarding, and/or communication studies. Students may have an opportunity to earn an Adobe Certified Associate certificate with passing a multiple choice and online simulation exam. Students who earn an ACA designation are armed with the credentials to get summer internships, a first job out of school and may be eligible for credit in college level programs in design.  Students build a design portfolio that can be utilized in both print and online versions.