Grade 9 Summer Reading List

  • Purpose: The Summer Reading program encourages students to enjoy, think about, and evaluate what they read.

    Requirements: Read at least one book from the list. Be prepared to complete an assessment on the book during the first week of school in September. Optional: Read a second book from the list and use the Summer Reading Journal Prompts to keep a journal as you read.  To receive extra credit, you will need to turn in your journal the first week of school in September. NOTE: Journals must fulfill the expectations described on the journal assignment sheet to earn extra credit.

  • Brown Girl Dreaming

    by Jacqueline Woodson Year Published:

    Raised in South Carolina and New York, Woodson always felt halfway home in each place. In vivid poems, she shares what it was like to grow up as an African American in the 1960s and 1970s, living with the remnants of Jim Crow and her growing awareness of the Civil Rights movement.

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  • Gym Candy

    by Carl Deuker Year Published:

    Runningback Mick Johnson has dreams: dreams of cutting back, finding the hole, breaking into the  open, and running free with nothing but green grass ahead. This novel explores the dark corners of  the heart of a young football player as he struggles for success under the always glaring—and often unforgiving—stadium lights.

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  • You Should See Me in a Crown

    by Leah Johnson Year Published:

    Liz Lighty has always believed she's too black, too poor, too awkward to shine in her small, rich, prom-obsessed midwestern town. But it's okay -- Liz has a plan that will get her out of Campbell, Indiana, forever: attend the uber-elite Pennington College, play in their world-famous orchestra, and become a doctor. But when the financial aid she was counting on unexpectedly falls through, Liz's plans come crashing down . . . until she's reminded of her school's scholarship for prom king and queen. There's nothing Liz wants to do less than endure a gauntlet of social media trolls, catty competitors, and humiliating public events, but despite her devastating fear of the spotlight she's willing to do whatever it takes to get to Pennington.The only thing that makes it halfway bearable is the new girl in school, Mack. She's smart, funny, and just as much of an outsider as Liz. But Mack is also in the running for queen.

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  • Midnight at the Electric

    by Jodi Lynn Anderson Year Published:

    Adri's, Catherine's, and Lenore's lives are intertwined but not in the way that one would think. Adri lives in 2065 Kansas, Catherine lives in 1930s Kansas, and Lenore lives in England in 1919. Told through straight prose, letters, and journal entries, the novel is an engrossing blend of historical and futuristic fiction genres.

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  • I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

    by Maya Angelou Year Published:

    The first installment in African-American poet Maya Angelou’s five-part autobiography chronicles her difficult childhood in rural Arkansas through her early years in St. Louis and California. Nonfiction.

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  • Oliver Twist

    by Charles Dickens Year Published:

    Oliver, a poor orphan, escapes the miserable workhouse where he was born only to fall into the clutches of a band of pickpockets led by the odious Fagin. Yet no amount of cruelty can destroy his purity…and through his goodness, he finds salvation.

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  • The Family Romanov: Murder, Rebellion, and the Fall of Imperial Russia

    by Candace Fleming Year Published:

    In this fascinating work of narrative history, readers meet the last Czar of Russia, his illustrious family, and the nobles and advisors surrounding them. Their insular lives are contrasted with narratives of Russian peasants as the revolution begins. Nonfiction.

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  • We Were the Lucky Ones

    by Georgia Hunter Year Published:

    It is the spring of 1939 and three generations of the Kurc family are doing their best to live normal lives, even as the shadow of war grows closer. The talk around the family Seder table is of new babies and budding romance, not of the increasing hardships threatening Jews in their hometown of Radom, Poland. But soon the horrors overtaking Europe will become inescapable. A story of hope in the midst of atrocity.

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  • Dread Nation

    by Justina Ireland Year Published:

    Jane McKeene was born two days before the dead began to walk the battlefields of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania—derailing the War Between the States and changing the nation forever. In this new America, safety for all depends on the work of a few, and laws like the Native and Negro Education Act require certain children attend combat schools to learn to put down the dead. But there are also opportunities—and Jane is studying to become an Attendant, trained in both weaponry and etiquette to protect the well-to-do. 

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  • Allegedly

    by Tiffany Jackson Year Published:

    Mary B. Addison killed a baby. Allegedly. She didn’t say much in that first interview with detectives, and the media filled in the only blanks that mattered: a white baby had died while under the care of a churchgoing black woman and her nine-year-old daughter. The public convicted Mary and the jury made it official. But did she do it?

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  • The House in the Cerulean Sea

    by TJ Klune Year Published:

    Linus Baker is a by-the-book case worker in the Department in Charge of Magical Youth. He's tasked with determining whether six dangerous magical children are likely to bring about the end of the world. Arthur Parnassus is the master of the orphanage. He would do anything to keep the children safe, even if it means the world will burn. And his secrets will come to light. The House in the Cerulean Sea is an enchanting love story, masterfully told, about the profound experience of discovering an unlikely family in an unexpected place—and realizing that family is yours.

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  • Into Thin Air

    by Jon Krakauer Year Published:

    A personal account of the deadliest season on Mount Everest. Krakauer recounts the tragic fates of the May 1996 expedition. Nonfiction.

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  • Tomorrow, When the War Began

    by John Marsden Year Published:

    In this adventure novel, seven Australian teenagers return from a camping trip in the bush to discover that their country has been invaded and they must hide to stay alive.

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  • Thirteen Doorways, Wolves Behind Them All

    by Laura Ruby Year Published:

    When Frankie’s mother died and her father left her and her siblings at an orphanage in Chicago, it was supposed to be only temporary—just long enough for him to get back on his feet and be able to provide for them once again. And as the embers of the Great Depression are kindled into the fires of World War II, and the shadows of injustice, poverty, and death walk the streets in broad daylight, it will be up to Frankie to find something worth holding on to in the ruins of this shattered America—every minute of every day spent wondering if the life she's able to carve out will be enough.

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  • A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

    by Betty Smith Year Published:

    Francie Nolan, avid reader, penny-candy connoisseur, and insightful observer of human nature, has much to ponder in colorful, turn-of-the-century Brooklyn. Betty Smith's poignant, honest novel created a big stir when it was first published over 50 years ago. A modern classic.

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  • An Ember in the Ashes

    by Sabaa Tahir Year Published:

    Laia is a slave. Elias is a soldier. Neither is free. Under the Martial Empire, defiance is met with death. Those who do not vow their blood and bodies to the Emperor risk the execution of their loved ones and the destruction of all they hold dear. For lovers of fantasy and action.

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  • Izzy, Willy-Nilly

    by Cynthia Voigt Year Published:

    After a car accident leaves fifteen-year-old Izzy disabled, she’s determined not to show how much she’s hurting.  It takes Rosamunde to forcibly disrupt Izzy’s sense of order and help her face her changed life.

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  • Spinning

    by Tillie Walden Year Published:

    A memoir in graphic novel form about competitive ice skating, growing up, and coming out. Walden spent much of her youth on the ice, at practices and competitions, and in locker rooms among friends, frenemies, and competitors.

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