The Transition to Kindergarten Process

  • It is very important to us that the transition to kindergarten is as smooth and as stress-free as possible for your child. This should be an exciting time. We are working to support you and your child in the following ways:

    1. Your preschool provider is likely working with us by filling out the Kindergarten Transition Survey. This asks for information about your child that will help our staff support your child and also help to inform the classroom instruction. If your child has not attended preschool, ask for this survey at the main office of your child’s school.
    2. We want to give each child the opportunity to use his or her experiences, cultural background, and personal interests to connect with learning. Your child’s teacher will likely be asking you about things that are important to you as a family through various assignments and will be striving to use this to help your child grow and learn.
    3. A Guide to Kindergarten – This booklet has been developed especially to provide you with the information you may be interested in knowing about especially if this is your family’s first child to attend public school. This is customized for the kindergarten parent/guardian to have accurate information about the varying aspects of the public school experience.