Who's Who in Our Schools

  • In addition to your child’s classroom teacher, you will get to know a number of people who help make the school run smoothly. Each school is led by an administrative team that consists of the principal and an assistant principal or special education building administrator (SEBA). There is also a full-time nurse in each building as well as a full-time adjustment counselor. Each of these people has a distinctive role, and here is what you can expect of each:

    The Principal

    • Ensures a safe and supportive learning environment
    • Expects excellence from the professional staff to ensure all children are learning
    • Supports teachers to be the best teachers they can be for our children
    • Communicates with families about what is happening within the school and keeps lines of communication open with families
    • Manages the different aspects of the school environment so that the school operates smoothly
    • Advocates for the needs of the school with district and community members

    The Assistant Principal or Special Education Building Administrator (SEBA)

    • Serves as chairperson for all Special Education Team Meetings
    • Supports the principal in all aspects of school life

    The Nurse

    • Administers medication to those students who require in-school dosages
    • Identifies suspected health problems, such as poor vision, hearing, nutrition, and emotional concerns
    • Contacts parents/guardians about possible health problems and helps them find the proper resources for care
    • Notifies the principal and provides instructional material for parents/guardians on what they should do if a child is exposed to a contagious disease and/or condition while at school

    The Adjustment Counselor

    • Is a licensed social worker
    • Supports students in managing their growth and development and any special needs along with parents/guardians and teachers
    • Helps students who are having difficulties with separation anxiety and transitioning to kindergarten