Child and Family Outcomes Statement

  • Our kindergarten classrooms intend for these outcomes for the children and the families:

    Outcomes for Children:

    1. Children will experience learning that is developmentally-appropriate, culturally-sensitive and includes strategies to promote their physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and language development.
    2. Children will experience a safe, welcoming, consistent, and harmonious classroom.
    3. Children will experience a learning environment where they are actively engaged and enjoy purposeful play: realistic, pretend, and dramatic.
    4. Children will experience learning that is matched to their developmental readiness and attention to their personal interests and needs.
    5. Children will experience teachers who respect and value them as individuals and speak to them and interact with them in this way.
    6. Children will learn social skills that will provide them with strategies that will guide them in making friends, resolving conflicts, and working cooperatively as group members.
    7. Children will explore, experience, and gain competence in mathematics, literacy, science, technology, art, music, physical education, and social studies.

    Outcomes for Families:

    1. Families will experience a school and a classroom environment that is welcoming to their child and to their family.
    2. Families will gain knowledge and understanding of their child as a learner and gain competency in advocating for their child’s educational needs.
    3. Families will understand that they are critical partners in the academic, social, and emotional success of their child.
    4. Families will understand the importance of sharing information between the home and school.
    5. Families will gain an understanding of the role of assessment in guiding their child’s growth as a learner, and the different types of information that can be accessed through teachers’ observations, discussions, and academic assessments.