Affirmative Action – Complaint Procedure

  • The Falmouth Public Schools forbids discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, gender, or disability. If a student, staff member or parent/guardian feels that their rights under this policy have been breached, they may follow these procedures to seek a remedy.

    1. The affected person may discuss the concern or breach with any involved school official or staff member. This official or staff member may be an administrator, a teacher, the Affirmative Action Officer, or the Chapter 622/Title IX Compliance Officer.

      • The purpose of this informal process is to provide the complainant a means of clarifying the problem, seeking counsel and deciding a course of action. The informal process may result in a satisfactory solution for the complaint and no further action is needed.

    2. A formal complaint may be filed by the complainant. It should be filed with the appropriate Central Office administrator. It may be verbal or written. It should be filed in a timely manner.

      • The complainant shall give details and names in support of their complaint.

      • The administrator shall write a summary of the complaint and the remedies offered. Both administrator and complainant shall sign the summary. If the complainant objects to signing the summary, they may attach a statement.

    If the administrator and complainant do not reach a mutually satisfactory solution within thirty (30) calendar days, the complainant may file the complaint with the Superintendent of Schools who shall make the final decision.