Restricted Areas

  • Students are not permitted in the building before and after school unless participating in a school-sponsored activity. All wooded areas on school grounds and next to school grounds are absolutely “off limits” to Lawrence School students before, during, and after school hours (7:30 am - 4:30 pm). Any student found in any of these areas, not under direct teacher supervision, will be subject to disciplinary action.

    • In an effort to create a more safe and orderly drop off and pick up of students, we have carefully designed our traffic and pedestrian patterns as part of our Student Safety Initiative.

    • All passenger drop off and pick will be directed to the Hamlin Avenue entrance of the school with no cars entering from Lakeview Avenue.

    • Late buses on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons will also follow the same traffic pattern.

    • Visitor parking only in designated spaces closest to the school building.

    • No passenger drop off/pick up from Lakeview Avenue entrance.

    • Traffic cones indicate areas in which not to pass.

    • The area directly in front of the main entrance to the school is for pedestrians only.

Students’ Rights and Responsibilities

    • As citizens and members of the school community, students have a right to an education in a safe and orderly environment.

    • Students have a right to due process before these rights are restricted.

    • It is the expectation of the Falmouth Public Schools that all students respect constituted authority and obey the duly constituted school rules and regulations.

    • All students will demonstrate respect and consideration for the personal and property rights of others and have an understanding of the need for cooperation with all members of the school community.

    • From time to time a conflict or problem will develop between a student and an adult who works with or for the District. If this should happen to you, take the following steps to resolve the difficulty as quickly as possible:

      • Make an appointment to meet with the adult to discuss the problem.

      • If the problem is not resolved, meet with your guidance counselor.

      • If your guidance counselor is unable to help you resolve the problem, meet with the Principal or designee.

    • Complaints concerning alleged discrimination may be brought to Falmouth Public Schools’ administration for mediation.

Safety Drills

  • Fire Drill

    • When the fire alarm sounds, follow the exit directions posted in the classroom. Close windows and corridor doors.

    • Quickly pass in an orderly manner. Maintain silence. Directions or information during a building evacuation must be heard by all.

    • If any exit is blocked, leave by the next closest exit.

    • If the fire alarm rings while you are in the halls passing between classes, leave by the nearest exit and report immediately to your advisory’s assigned location on the school grounds.

    • Once outside, attendance will be taken. Students should wait for the all-clear bell and teachers’ directions before returning to the building.

    • Be aware of the location of fire extinguishers and fire alarms.

    • A fire drill should be treated as seriously as a real emergency by all concerned. This is essential to the safety of everyone.

    Practice Drills (including canine drills)

    • In order to prepare for the possibility of a real lockdown, the Lawrence School will continue to follow existing lockdown protocol, including the random use of the County’s canine unit.

School Safety

  • The Falmouth Public Schools are committed to providing a safe place for our students. The District has policies, procedures and practices in place to ensure student safety. If you ever have questions regarding the safety of your child, please feel free to speak to your child’s teacher and/or the school’s principal.

    The District is obligated to investigate all threats to students and/or staff. Threats can be general or specific directly identifying a person or a location. Threats can be verbal, written, including drawings, physical, or acts of intimidation where a reasonable person would fear physical harm. In addition to the school-based investigation, a wellness check at the student’s residence may be made by the Falmouth Police Department without prior notice to ensure the safety of all.