• The Falmouth Public Schools Food Services Department offers breakfast and lunch daily. We are committed to meeting the needs of our students with balanced and nutritious meals. We welcome students to our program. If there are any special dietary needs students may have, please notify the school nurse. The Child Nutrition Program administered by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) contributes to the health and well-being of the Commonwealth’s students by supporting nutritious meal services in schools.  Nutritious breakfasts and lunches are provided to your child at the lowest possible cost to you.  The school lunch program is an excellent value for the money, and we encourage you to utilize it. Please make sure that your child has lunch money, money on their account, or a homemade lunch for each school day.

Food Costs

    • Breakfast costs $2.00
    • Lunch, including milk, costs $3.00
    • Milk costs $0.50
    • Soup costs $1.00
    • Snacks and Frozen Yogurt cost $1.00
    • Adult lunch, including milk, costs $4.00

Free and Reduced Lunch

  • An application for free or reduced priced meals is included in the forms packet of this handbook and is available on the Falmouth Public Schools’ website. Free or reduced priced meals may be available for children based on the size of the family and the family’s income. Households may apply at any time of the year. Extra copies of the forms are available in the main office throughout the school year if your financial situation changes. The Falmouth Public Schools participates in the Direct Certification Process. If a child has received a Meal Benefit Certificate from the Department of Transitional Assistance, the parent/guardian does not have to complete an application.

Online Payment System

  • The Falmouth Public Schools Food Services Department is excited to provide parents/guardians a convenient, easy, and secure online prepayment service to deposit money into their child’s school meal account at any time. This service also provides parents/guardians the ability to view their child’s account balance through a website called MySchoolBucks.

    To access these services:

    • Go to the district website at
    • Click on Families
    • Click on Lunch Menus
    • Click on the MySchoolBucks Login

Lunch Charging Policy

  • Students who occasionally forget their lunch money or their homemade lunch may charge lunch on that day and the lunch charge is paid back to the school’s Food Services on the next school day.


  • Our objective is to maintain a safe, clean, and appropriate setting in the cafeteria so that everyone can enjoy lunch.

    Breakfast and lunch are served daily in the school cafeteria. Breakfast is available at 8:10 am. Full lunch and a la carte menu items are available. All students receive information and applications for free and reduced meals at the beginning of the school year. Cafeteria seating is limited to twelve per table, and students are responsible for cleaning their own area. Absolutely no food or drink is allowed out of the cafeteria. If a particular table has trouble following the cafeteria rules, students may be placed at separate tables. During lunch recess, students may play on the field but not on the stairs or in the school’s driveway. 


    • Always stay seated except to go to the serving line for food or to discard trash in the barrels. We do not change tables once we sit down to eat.

    • Never throw food or any other objects; we either hand food across the table or walk it to the trash can and deposit it there.

    • We never put our hands on another person; we do not put our hands on another person’s food without permission.

    • We never shout or scream; we use inside voices only.

    • We stay in the cafeteria unless given explicit permission by the adult in charge to leave.

    • We are responsible for keeping our own space clean – including the table and the floor.

    • We are also responsible for our table as a whole. If someone at our table has to leave the cafeteria or leaves behind a mess for any reason, that person is still responsible for the mess. If that person is not identified to the adult in charge, those sharing that lunch table are responsible for cleanup. If the adult in charge is given the name of the person who left a mess, they will bring that person back to the table if possible, or if not, will assign a detention to that person if that person has left the cafeteria. In this case, everyone sitting at the table helps us clean the table and floor area as a courtesy to the next lunch group.

    • If we go outside for a lunch recess, we must have appropriate clothing with us, and we must stay outside once we choose to go outside.

    • When outside, students must remain in designated areas.