Guidance Services

  • Guidance offices are open to all students, their parents/guardians and teachers from 8:25 am to 3 pm and at other times by special appointments. Students are assigned to a guidance counselor and remain with the same counselor for grades 5 and 6. An open door policy allows for students to meet with their counselor by appointment. Students are encouraged to meet with counselors whenever there are questions. Counseling sessions that involve personal, social, home and family relations and peer relations are held in strictest confidence at the student’s discretion. Please know, however, all school personnel are mandated reporters of concerns relating to student health and welfare. Students should request a pass from a counselor in advance, except for emergency situations, in which case the student should report to the guidance department for assessment. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to confer with counselors during office hours. Conferences with teachers and counselors with or without students are desirable. Involvement of parents/guardians in the educational programs of students is strongly encouraged. It can be rewarding for students, and provides information about individual progress, adjustment and career plans.