• A summary information sheet and the accompanying forms have been included in the forms packet distributed at the beginning of the school year.  If any forms are missing that you require at the beginning of the school year or later on, please contact your school for a replacement form.  Various services are available as well as opportunities to be involved with your child’s school.  All these forms are available on the Falmouth Public Schools’ website.  On most forms, a signature of a parent or guardian is required.

  • Forms 1-5 must be completed for each student and returned to the classroom teacher by the first Friday of the school year or immediately following enrollment in the Falmouth Public Schools.  All forms should be read in their entirety.  The information below provides a brief summary of the contents of the forms.

    Form 1:  Student Information/Medical Form

    Please be aware that this form is not included in the forms packet.  Your child’s school provides this form separately.  The Student Information/Medical Form is very important in the event that the school needs to contact you regarding an emergency. The form contains information that is essential should your child need to be dismissed early from school. The student will only be dismissed to a person you have listed on this form. There are two sides to the form to be completed for your school. If there is information printed on the form, check all information provided making corrections as needed. A child new to the district will receive a blank form. Include the full names of all parents and guardians with whom your child is living. Also, your telephone numbers need to be included even if they are unlisted.  You may indicate if the number is unlisted.  It is important to include the names and phone numbers of local people who are willing to be contacted if you are unreachable. Please include specific medical information pertaining to your child. If there are any changes to this information during the school year (i.e., cell phones and email addresses) notify the school immediately.

    Form 2:  General Permission Form and Acknowledgment of Handbook

    The General Permission Form is for various activities that may take place in school during the school year. You may give permission to all or some of the items on this form by checking YES or NO. Complete copies of all supporting policies are available in the main office. Failure to respond within two weeks of the starting date of the school year indicates permission has been granted. Below is a summary of activities found on the General Permission Form and Acknowledgement of Handbook:

    • Field Trips: Field trips are planned during the school year to enrich the curriculum taught in our schools.  The staff, from time-to-time, would like to take advantage of educational resources in our community and surrounding areas.  There may be a small fee associated with the field trip, and the PTO will sponsor any student who needs financial assistance.  To facilitate these enrichment activities, you are asked to give permission on this form for your child to participate in any and all field trips that may be planned for their class during the current school year.  An advanced notification of each trip will explain the trip in more detail.  You may at that time elect not to allow your child to participate in the planned trip.  If we do not hear from you at that time, this General Permission form allows your child to participate on the field trip.  Check YES if you wish your child to participate.
    • Internet (Technology) Access: The Internet Access Permission allows your child to use the Internet under the supervision of an adult in an appropriate manner.  The conditions of use are described in more detail in the Technology Acceptable Use Policy.  To allow your child access to the Internet for classroom activities, you are asked to check YES on this form.
    • Videotaped or Photographed Activities: Giving permission for photographing or videotaping allows your child to be included in activities that may be videotaped or photographed and intended for a public audience.  Policy IJOE describes the conditions regarding such videotaping or photography.  To facilitate this process, you are asked to check YES on the General Permission Form.  If we do not hear from you at that time, this permission form allows your child to participate in the activity.  This procedure does not apply to the videotaping of public performances, contests, athletic events, or other events specifically established with an expected public audience or for use in fulfilling a specific educational purpose in the classroom.
    • Release of Information: State law prohibits the release of student information to anyone without the permission of parent or guardian.  This even prohibits us from releasing the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of the students in a class to the PTO or to other parents or guardians who wish to contact you/your child for a variety of reasons (e.g., have a party, send Valentine cards).  Therefore, we seek your permission to allow the classroom teacher or main office to release the name, address, and telephone number of your child to the PTO, room parents/guardians, and other parents and guardians of children in your child’s class.  Other records are not covered by this permission and will be released only with your specific approval.  Please check YES to allow information to be shared with the PTO, room parent, or other parents or guardians of students in your child’s class. 
    • Access to G Suite for Education Account: Falmouth Public Schools’ students and staff use G Suite for Education, formally known as Google Apps for Education (GAFE), to support student learning.  Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Keep, Google Classroom, Google Calendar, Google Sites, and Gmail are available to students.  Please check YES to allow students to use G Suite for Education 
    • Acknowledgement of Handbook: This form has a section for the parent/guardian to acknowledge that they have read the handbook and discussed pertinent information with their children.  Review the handbook in its entirety before signing this acknowledgement.

    Form 3:  Consent and Release

    If you checked the “Participate in field trips this year” option in the General Permission form (Form 1), you will need to also fill out and sign this form.  Signing this form gives consent to participate in programs and activities of Falmouth Public Schools.

    Form 4:  Daily Dismissal Card

    All students must have a detailed daily dismissal plan on file with the school. Two cards are included: one for the school office and one for the student’s teacher. The dismissal cards should be completed by parents/guardians and updated if a student’s schedule changes. List how the student will depart from the school each day of the week and transportation mode. The name of any adult authorized to pick up the child should be listed on the form as “Designated Adults”. If there is a specific adult, such as a parent without custody, who absolutely should not have contact with the child, that adult should also be listed under “Additional Information.” On the occasional day that the student’s departure schedule changes, a note of the detailed change should be sent in to the teacher.

    Form 5: Fluoride Rinse Program Consent Form

    Falmouth Public Schools provides a fluoride rinse service to children in the elementary schools.  This program has proven to reduce tooth decay by 20-50%.  This form needs to be returned at the start of school with either your permission to receive the rinse or your request to have your child not participate.  This program is for grades one through four only.

    Form 6:  Background Checking (Parents/Guardians and Volunteers)

    Falmouth Public Schools will obtain criminal offender record information (CORI) for all volunteers and others who wish to participate in school activities.  This includes classroom volunteers and field trip chaperones.  The CORI process must be completed before any involvement in the schools and the results of the CORI, based on the discretion of the Superintendent or their designee, will determine one’s eligibility to participate in school activities.  CORI information is confidential, and privacy will be maintained.  In addition, individuals may be asked to submit state and national fingerprint-based criminal background checks at the expense of the individual. The requirement to submit state and national fingerprint-based criminal background checks will be made by the Superintendent or their designee. Forms 6 - 9 need to be completed if you will be volunteering in various capacities with the school.  All volunteers must complete the CORI form. The PTO, VIPS, and Driver forms will need to be completed if these are ways in which you will be volunteering. Return these forms to the office yourself.

    Form 7:  Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) Registration Form

    The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) extends its welcome and invites all parents, guardians and teachers of our students to join. Many events and activities are sponsored by the PTOs in the Falmouth Public Schools. The PTO is a wonderful way to get to know other parents/guardians and faculty members of your child’s school and to be involved with enrichment activities for the students.

    Form 8:  Volunteers in Public Schools (VIPS) Registration Form

    The Falmouth Volunteers in Public Schools (VIPS) is another positive way for you to become involved with the public schools. Both parents/guardians and community volunteers are needed and invited to participate. Some of the services include volunteering with your child’s classroom, driving for field trips, tutoring, working in libraries and computer labs, and providing clerical assistance to various offices and classrooms. In addition, volunteer coordinators help manage programs in each school.  A registration form has been included in the forms packet. All new or returning volunteers must annually complete a VIPS registration form. List the service opportunities for which you are volunteering on the registration form. In addition, all volunteers must complete a CORI form for a criminal background check (see above.) A VIPS registration form needs to be filled out for each school in which you wish to volunteer.

    Forms 9-11:  Insurance and School Meal Assistance

    These forms should be completed if you want to apply for extra insurance or financial assistance with school meals. Complete these forms and forward as described in each section. If you have any questions about these forms or to find out if you are eligible, please contact the school nurse.

    Form 10:  Free and Reduced Price School Meals Family Application

    The request for Free or Reduced Lunch and/or Breakfast is for your use if you wish to apply for your children who are attending Falmouth Public Schools. One form is needed for each family. If you have more than one child at this school, they all can be covered by one form. The forms are available in the main office or on the district’s website if you decide to apply later in the year or if you need to update the form because of changes in income or size of household. A two page, front to back form is included in your child’s form packet. Detailed information about applying is covered in the form. Return this application to the office at your child’s school.

    Form 11:  Town of Falmouth Optional Accident Insurance Policy

    The town of Falmouth provides two types of accident insurance and offers a third insurance for students.  This is an optional policy available to any interested parents/guardians.  While the Falmouth School Committee does not formally endorse this optional coverage, it is available to those who are interested in obtaining it and should be considered in light of other insurance coverage a family has.  This is 24-hour Student Insurance. This optional policy provides primary coverage with limits established by the policy. Individuals have the option of selecting medical coverage and/or extended dental coverage. Flyers are available to all students with a cover letter explaining this optional policy at all school buildings, including the superintendent’s office. Any parent/guardian who wishes to take advantage of this optional insurance coverage may request an application form at any of our school buildings. Parents/guardians are responsible for the cost of this insurance. If you enroll in this insurance coverage, follow the directions on the cover letter. No enrollment form for accident insurance has been included in your forms packet.

    If your child is eligible for free or reduced school meals, your child may also be eligible for free or low cost health insurance through MassHealth. To learn more and to receive applications call: 1-800-841-2900. No enrollment form for MassHealth insurance has been included in your forms packet.

Last Modified on July 19, 2019