Frequently Asked Questions

  • Frequently Asked Questions 

    What time does school start/end? 

    School begins promptly at 7:22 a,m. Any student not in class by that time is considered tardy. For every eight (8) tardies, a detention will be assigned by the Assistant Principal, and parking privileges may be revoked. School ends at 2:03 p.m. 

    What is the policy if my child is absent? 

    When your student returns to school from being absent, please send a note in with them. The note should include student name, date of absence(s), reason for absence(s), along with the parent/guardian signature and phone number, 

    What is the policy if my child arrives late or is dismissed early? 

    If your student is tardy to school, or being dismissed from school, please send a note in with them. The note should include student name, current date, reason for tardy or dismissal, a parent/guardian signature, along with a phone number where that parent/guardian can be reached by the school. Students who are tardy check in at the Assistant Principals’ Office. Students who are being dismissed are allowed to go outside to meet their parent/guardian AFTER they have picked up their dismissal pass from the office, 

    When are report cards available? 

    Report cards are available at the end of every quarter (November, February, April, and July) via the PowerSchool portal. If you have any other questions, please call your student's guidance counselor. The phone number is 508-540-2200 x 4045. 

    My student has been absent for a couple of days, is it possible to get work for them? 

    If you would like assistance in collecting work, please contact your student’s guidance counselor. The guidance department is available at 508-540-2200 x4045.

    Will my child's absence be excused? 

    Absences for doctor's visits, court appointments, and college visits are excused when your student brings in written validation from the doctor, court, or college. Religious holidays are excused with a written note from a parent/guardian. In the case of credit appeal, parent/guardian notes are considered, so we request you always send a note when your student is absent from school. All notes should include student name, student homeroom number, date of absence(s), reason for absence(s), along with a parent/guardian signature. 

    What is the attendance and loss of credit policy? 

    Loss of credit will occur when a student has accumulated seven (7) absences in each semester course and fifteen (15) absences in each full year course. Tardies and/or dismissals that result in class absence for reasons other than those listed above will be counted toward a loss of credit. The appropriate administrator, guidance counselor, parent/guardian and student will be notified in writing at the following times:

    Four (4) credit course - Fifteen (15) non-exempt absences 

    Two (2) credit course - Seven (7) non-exempt absences 

    Students and parents/guardians are encouraged to pay attention to report cards to monitor number of days absent. Attendance can also be monitored through routine access to PowerSchool either through the parent or student portals. After a student has been notified that credit has been lost, they are expected to continue attending class, as an appeal may restore the lost credit. 

    What happens to a student’s grade if they lose credit? 

    Grades earned are not affected by loss of credit. If a student loses credit in a course due to excessive absences, but receives a passing grade, that course grade will appear on the student's transcript. 

    If a student loses credit in a course what do they do? 

    You may contact the Assistant Principals' Office to schedule an appeal. Appeals are heard at the end of each semester and in May for seniors. Contact the Assistant Principals' Office (508-540-2200 x4048/x4049) for more details. 

    How do I know which Administrator to speak with? 

    You may call the Assistant Principals' Office at 508-540-2200 x4048/x4049 and a secretary will assist you. 

    How do I get a copy of my child's transcript? 

    To get a copy of transcripts, you may call the Guidance Office at 508-540-2200 x 4044.  If your child has already graduated, this request must be in writing. 

    What is the best way to get a message to my child during the school day? 

    You may call the Assistant Principals' Office (508-540-2200 x4048/x4049) and the secretary will see that your child gets a message. 

Last Modified on August 30, 2022