• The Falmouth Public Schools, through its mission statement and core beliefs, encourages students to be engaged in their education in a way that develops their capacity to pursue their goals and foster life-long learning. Technology is an integral part of the Falmouth mission and its use supports our goals to promote academic excellence and to enhance teaching and learning. Through access to all forms of technology, our students will gain the skills and expertise to prepare them for an increasingly technology-oriented society. Technology and the Internet have great potential both for use and abuse. Access to district technology is a privilege, not a right, and can be revoked if it is abused. The expectation of the Falmouth Schools is that all users will act responsibly in accordance with this Acceptable Use Policy.


  • It is the policy of Falmouth Schools to provide access for employees and students to technology, including networks and the Internet, for educational and administrative purposes. Users are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible, ethical and polite manner while using district technology resources.

    Falmouth has taken precautions to eliminate controversial material and implements Internet filtering in accordance with the federal Children’s Internet Protection Act. It also recognizes that it is impossible to restrict access to all controversial materials and cannot replace appropriate student use and supervision by a responsible adult. In addition, some resources accessed may be inaccurate, inappropriate for classroom or library/media use, or contrary to school standards. If such inappropriate material is inadvertently encountered, it shall be the student’s responsibility to disengage immediately and report it to the principal or their designee. Ultimately, students are accountable for all activities conducted while using technology in school.

    Use of district technology will be governed by applicable sections of the Falmouth School Committee Policies and the Parent/Student Handbooks. The network is the property of the school district; therefore, Falmouth reserves the right to monitor all use, making it subject to inspection at any time. Students should have a limited privacy expectation in the contents of their personal files on the network. All students shall assume full liability; legal, financial or otherwise for their use of technology.

    The primary use of district technology resources is for educational purposes; non-school uses are not permitted. Personal information should never be transmitted on the Internet. Improper uses of district technology resources are prohibited. Unacceptable uses include, but are not limited to:

    • Violation of copyright or plagiarism of another person’s intellectual property
    • Violation of any local, state or federal statute
    • Violation of computer security systems or access to another person’s files without permission
    • Access, upload, download or distribute illegal, pornographic, gambling or hate materials
    • Transmission of obscene, abusive or sexually explicit language or images that could be considered harassment or bullying
    • Disruption of system performance including changing configurations or attaching devices, physically or wirelessly, that will disrupt the system performance
    • Use of the system for commercial purposes, defined as offering or providing goods or services
    • Public resources may not be used for political campaigns. Users may communicate with their elected representatives
    • Any form of vandalism, including but not limited to damaging equipment, networks, data or programs, disseminating malicious software programs such as viruses, and/or disrupting the operation of the network
    • Any activities that might cause a disruption of the educational process

    Disciplinary actions will be handled by the building principal in accordance with the applicable provision detailed in the student handbook. Consequences imposed will be based upon the severity of the violation. Falmouth Public Schools will cooperate fully with the local, state or federal officials in any investigation concerning any illegal activities conducted through the district system.

Last Modified on July 16, 2019