• The Health Office is staffed by two registered nurses to provide for the medical and health needs of the students during regular school hours. The primary function of the health office is to provide assistance to students with serious or unexpected illness or injuries. Please be certain to fully complete the Student Medical Information Sheet, which is found on the back of the Student Information form. This medical information is confidential and kept in the Health Office. If there are any medical information changes to include medication and hospitalization, notify the Health Office immediately.


  • If a student requests to visit the nurse, they must first report to class, obtain a pass from the teacher, and then proceed to the health office. Students should only leave class for acute illness or injury.


  • Massachusetts State Law requires that students shall not carry medication of any kind while in school except inhalers. Inhalers and Epipens may be carried at all times after a demonstration with the nurse.  Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen are available in the Health Office with an annual signed parental permission form which may be found on the next page.  When other medication is required, the procedure is as follows:

    1. Both a physician’s order form and a parental permission form must be completed. These are available from the Health Office and on the Falmouth Public Schools website.
    2. A clearly labeled prescription bottle with the following information:
      • Name of student and date of prescription.
      • Name of medication(s) and dosage
      • Name of prescribing physician
      • Times when medication is to be given


  • Students who require the use of the elevator may obtain the key from the Assistant Principals’ Office. Students who do not return the elevator key will be charged $10 for its replacement.

Physical Education Excuses

  • Students must see their Physical Education teacher.

Health Screening

  • Freshmen – Dates of last immunizations and physical exams reviewed with reminders sent home when necessary.  Postural screening, height, and weight will be done during the year.

    Sophomores – Hearing and vision screening will be done during the year.

    Parents/guardians may opt their child out of any screening.  Your child’s school nurse must be notified by email or by written note.

Athletic Physical Exams

  • To be eligible for participation in athletics, all students must pass a physical examination within thirteen months of the start of each season. A copy of the student’s current physical must be on file in the nurse’s office. Physical examinations must be performed by a duly registered Physician, Physician’s Assistant or Nurse Practitioner. (MIAA Rule 56.1)

Health Office Dismissals

  • Only parents, guardians, or other responsible adults listed on the Student Information/Medical Information sheet will be allowed to dismiss students. Please be certain to list someone who will be able to transport the student during school hours, as well as cell phone and pager numbers when appropriate. The adult picking up the student must go into the Nurse’s Office to sign out the student.

  • Any injury which occurs during school hours or during a school function must be reported immediately to the appropriate coach, teacher or supervisor, who will fill out an accident report that will be on record in the Health Office. When deemed appropriate, an injured student should be transported via ambulance. Parents will be notified using the information on the Student Information/Medical Information sheet. It is vital to have accurate numbers where someone is available at all times.

Student Accident Insurance

  • All students are covered by accident insurance paid for by the school department while they are on their way to and from school, on school grounds or participating in approved school activities. If your child is injured at school and the injury is observed by a school staff member, the staff member will report the injury to the school nurse/nurse's assistant and complete an accident report if appropriate. Remind your child to report accidents and injuries which are not observed to a member of the school staff. The staff member will then determine if treatment or further action is needed. If your child requires treatment by a doctor or dentist for a school related injury, reimbursement requests must be submitted to the family insurance carrier, if any. If a family has no coverage or the expenses are not completely covered, a bill can then be submitted to the school insurance carrier. In this case, the school must verify the accident by means of the accident report.

    1. Report an accident to the teacher in charge and to the main office immediately.
    2. File a claim form, which is available in the office, as soon as possible as there is a time limit.
    3. All claims must be filled out jointly by a school official, the nurse and a parent or guardian.
Last Modified on July 16, 2019