Academic Support

    • Academic Support is a formal assignment like academic classes. Students must report on time to Academic Support with material to occupy the period constructively. Games, cards, electronic devices, and food are not permitted.

    • Teachers in charge may establish seating arrangements as needed.

    • In order to maintain safety and student accountability during Academic Support, students must adhere to the following procedure:

    • To go to the Computer Labs, Science Lab, Guidance Center, Art Room, Learning Center, to see counselors, or to meet with an individual teacher or advisor, all students must:

      • Report to the assigned Academic Support with a signed, dated pass.

      • Have the Academic Support teacher co-sign and time the pass.

      • Sign the Academic Support Destination Sheet.

      • Report to the authorized area and sign-in.


  • Students may ride bicycles to school, but the school cannot accept the responsibility for them. Bicycles should be parked and locked in the racks provided. It is recommended that a bicycle helmet be worn at all times.

Cafeteria Rules

  • All school rules apply with special emphasis on the following:

    1. Throwing food is not allowed.
    2. Sitting on lunch tables, window sills, or radiators is not allowed.
    3. Spitting is not allowed.
    4. Trays or chairs outside are not allowed.
    5. Students are expected to pick up after themselves.
    6. There is to be no trash left on or under the tables.


  • The playing of any games of chance for the purpose of gambling is not permitted at any time.

Corridors, Lavatories, and Restricted Areas

  • Students may not loiter in corridors or lavatories. During non-passing time students must have signed passes from staff members to be in corridors and lavatories. Certain areas of the school building and grounds are restricted and students are not permitted to be in those areas unless accompanied by a staff member. Restricted areas include most areas outside the building.

Drugs, Alcohol, Vaping & Tobacco Use

  • In accordance with Massachusetts law, smoking, consuming alcohol, and possession of illegal substances is prohibited. This includes on school grounds, on school buses, and at school sponsored events. Students will be referred to the School Resource Officer for possible legal consequences. Appropriate penalties will be enforced. Additional information about the use of drugs and alcohol inside and outside of school can be found in the next section.

    Use of tobacco products, and/or electronic or vapor cigarettes, or other related items on school grounds, on school buses, or at school functions is against the law in accordance with Massachusetts General Law Chapter 71, Sections 2A and 37H. Appropriate penalties will be enforced.


False Alarms and Fires

  • Any student who turns in a false alarm, pulls an alarm, triggers a smoke detector or calls the fire department without justifiable cause or sets fires in school or on school grounds will be suspended and reported to the police and fire department authorities. Expulsion is a possible penalty.


  • Passes are issued by staff and must be used only for the purposes stated. Students should request a pass from guidance or school adjustment counselors except in emergency situations. Please also refer to the Guidance Services of this handbook.


  • During the school day, the school phone is available for student use in the main office. In case of an emergency, the student must speak to an Assistant Principal.

Pledge of Allegiance; Moment of Silence

  • In accordance with Massachusetts law, each school will recite the Pledge of Allegiance and will observe a moment of silence at the start of the school day.  School personnel will not require student participation during the Pledge of Allegiance and/or the moment of silence. In addition, students will not be required to provide a reason if they choose not to participate nor will disciplinary actions occur.


  • All visitors should report directly to the main office for a visitor’s pass. Students may not have visitors during the school day.

    Child care of young brothers, sisters, or other relatives is not permitted on school grounds during the school day.

    Delivery of flowers, balloons, birthday cakes, etc., is not permitted and will not be accepted during the school day as it is disruptive to the educational process.


Last Modified on September 1, 2023